5G Emf Protection Umbrella

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5G EMF Protection Umbrella provides strength and reliability in addition to the emf shielding. The carbon fiberglass shaft creates superior strength, in combination with an eight rib fiberglass structure that delivers the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. This umbrella can be used as a personal 5G emf protection outdoor even when it is not raining. Just place it between your self and the harmful 5G radiation source.

This umbrella would also work perfectly indoors as a radiation blocker if you position it in front of your router or other wireless devices. 

Technical specifications 

- Attenuation: 80dB at 1GHz
- Shielding Fabric Raw Material: Polyester, copper, nickel, protection coating
- Canopy Size: 43" (diameter)
- Length: 37"
- Outer fabric: 190T high density water repellent polyester Pongee
- Frame: Durable fiberglass
- Shaft: 14mm carbon fiberglass
- Handle: EVA