EMF Detector - Hunter

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Emf Hunter
This Emf Radiation Detector detects and senses the invisible Emf fields around you with 3 separate sensors - High Frequency (i.e. cell phone, microwave oven), Low Frequency (i.e. wires, regular home appliances) and Temperature (optional). This will enable you to protect your self from Emfs by knowing where the radiation is and by purchasing the products with the lowest radiation. Are you in for some ghost hunting? This Emf meter will help you with that too.
Reading the values of Emf Radiation is easy on three LED bars that will enable you "to see" the Emf fields where ever you are.
Detection is 3 dimensional, visible in the dark and accurate with numerical bar display and audible alarm for more convenience.
Color code Safe/Caution/Warning will indicate the strength of the radiation fields around you
This radiation meter offers a great value when compared with other Emf detectors.