Emf Protection Pendant - German Technology

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MemonizerBody Pendant - emf harmonization

Made in Germany

The Memon technology is derived from practical experi- ence. It was first discovered by engineer Winfried M. Dochow in the 1980's and has since been systematically researched by him. Initially, mostly practical and empirical evidence and experiments were at the heart of his work, serving as the foundation for future developments. His goal was to neutralise external, artificial environmental influences on humans and nature, such as, for example, electromagnetic pollution, non-ionizing radiation(mobile phones etc.) and also water pollution with an easy-to-use technology and/or to make their negative effects tolerable.

Up until now, Memon technology was primarily used to prevent exposure to electromagnetic pollution and non-ionizing radiation (mobile phones), for water restoration, indoor air cleaning as well as for personal wellbeing at home and on the go.

Wherever a memonizer is installed, the surrounding area/environment for the people within it changes.

The memonizerBODY pendant is strong and valuable accessory that can be worn on a necklace

Areas of application:
When travelling by bus, train or plane

Positive effects on:

 Electromagnetic radiation
✔ Environmental stress
✔ The memonizerBODY pendant is nickel-free
✔ The memonizerBODY operates without magnetic or electronic components. 

Easy to use

Not only is the memonizerBODY pendant an ideal and elegant accessory, but also an important companion if you are on the go or traveling by car, bus, train or plane. The memonizerBODY pendant supports you when you are away from your memon-harmonized home or office. It is designed to be worn as a necklace around your neck. The surface is coated with diamond-like carbon and impresses with its sleek steel look.


No product that is worn on the body is capable of replacing a memon-harmonized room. There is a significant difference between supporting your body and preventing negative influences reaching your body at all, as is the case with a completely memon-harmonized room.

Please note: The memonizerBODY pendant does NOT replace the memonizerCOMBI.

Included in delivery

  • memonizerBODY pendant in transport packaging
  • Necklace (nickel-free, length: 50cm)