Emf Protection Pendant - Shungite Stone

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Shungite has been used as a folk medical treatment since the early 18th century. Peter the Great set up Russia's first Spa in Karelia to make use of the water purifying properties of shungite, which he had himself experienced. He also instigated its use in providing purified water for the Russian army. The anti-bacterial properties of shungite have been confirmed by modern testing. 

This two billion years old rock also protects human biofield from the negative properties in the environment by strengthening our natural protective field. This protection includes emf protection.

This pendant is part of the line of products that use natural healing and protective properties of the materials found in nature. These materials and their properties have been known to humans for a long time. Modern science is also confirming these protective, healing, purifying and strengthening effects of many different materials found in nature.

This pendant is simple but attractive. It comes with a cord that is used instead of a chain. Really good value - $19.99

  • Wear your Shungite Circle Pendant over the heart to feel complete and free, and protect yourself against EMF radiation
  • SIZE 1.8 inches (4.5 cm) diameter, 0.15 inches (0.4 cm) thick, CORD 31.5 inches (80 cm) long, made of cotton
  • EMF & HARMFUL RADIATION Shungite pendants are not just trendy, they provide electromagnetic frequency EMF protection from our modern world full of electronic devices and gadgets
  • WASH your Shungite Pendant under warm running water before the first use to avoid black stains (postproduction dust) on your skin and clothes, leave it to dry in sunlight to recharge
  • This item is 100% AUTHENTIC Shungite from Karelia, Russia. As a manually cut stone, shape and size may vary