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Gigahertz HF32D - High Frequency RF Meter

The HF32D EMF meter by Gigahertz Solutions (made in Germany) is a high frequency RF radiation meter, designed to be used by technical amateurs. It is simple, easy to use and efficient. It detects and measures the levels of RF radiation in your house. This detector covers frequencies ranging from 800MHz to 2.7GHz. This range will allow you not only to detect “hot spots” created by the equipment in your house, but also to detect and measure the harmful EMF radiation from 2G, 3G and 4G cell phone towers, WiFi networks, DECT cordless phones and Smart Meters.

This RF meter has two specific purposes: the detection and measurement of the total RF radiation exposure and the identification of the sources, i.e. “leaks” where the EMF pollution comes from. This device is specifically designed for measuring high frequency RF sources. If you want to measure different types of electromagnetic radiation, check out other EMF meters and detectors from our offer.

Detection and Measurement of Radio Frequency Radiation

The first application of this EMF detector is to measure total levels of RF radiation exposure in your house (from inside and outside sources). It is recommended that you keep the records of individual measurements on a data sheet. This will later help you analyze the exposure levels. Compare them with the relevant safety standards and thresholds provided in the user manual. This will help you to apply the appropriate EMF protection if needed.

Identification of the outside Sources

The next step is to identify EMF radiation sources coming from outside. First you need to remove all possible RF radiation emitting devices from the area/room (cell phones, WiFi routers, cordless phones, laptop and tablet computers etc.). Now you can be certain that the remaining radiation can only come from outside. This EMF meter is directional. Just point the antenna of the device in various directions and read the measured values. You will be able to pinpoint the exact spots where the EMF radiation is leaking into your room and identify the source, for example, a power line near your house.

The user manual details the step-by-step procedure to detect and measure levels of radiation in your premises and how to measure EMF from power lines. It also provides detailed instructions on how to interpret the measured values and identify different radio standards and transmission and modulation patterns of various sources you detect (WiFi, UMTS/3G, LTE/4G, WiMAX, DVB, radar equipment, smart meters and other).


The HF32D EMF meter is designed for non-professional users who want to test their living or work premises for EMF radiation. It is very simple to use and you don’t have to be an expert to be able to do precise and reliable measurements by yourself. The product comes with a detailed user manual. It will guide you through the step-by-step process of detecting and measuring EMF radiation levels and identifying outside sources. The guide also provides interpretation of the readings, limiting values, precautions and recommendations.

In most homes, the EMF meter will detect various radiation levels coming from inside and outside. Our store has a great selection of home and office EMF protection products that will shield you from the radiation coming from most inside sources, such as your own devices. However, if you detect external RF radiation levels that are alarming, it is best you contact the relevant professional services to deal with the issue.

Technical Details

  • Frequency range: 800 MHz - 2.7 GHz
  • Measurement range: Power flux density: 1 - 1999 µW/m²
  • Precision: Basic accuracy (CW) including linearity tolerance: +/- 6 dB
  • Zero offset and rollover +/- 9 digits
  • Sensor: Logarithmic periodic antenna
  • Audio analysis: Acoustic signal proportional to the field strength (with "Geiger-counter-effect", switchable)
  • Signal rating: Peak value
  • Power supply: 9 Volt alkaline manganese battery (included), average operation time 10 - 12 hours (depending on the operating mode)
  • Low-Batt. indication
  • Auto-power-off