Anti Radiation Cell Phone Faraday Bag, Effective Protection Against Emfs

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  • Anti radiation cell phone bag (2 PACK) provides a complete signal blocker for your cell phone signal when you do not need to use it. It also shields against RFID, WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC, Cellular, GPS, Radio etc.
  • This Faraday Bag also provides a complete signal blocker for your vehicle key fob. This prevents thieves from picking up and relaying signals from your key, to shield against break-ins and keyless ignition theft. The larger/back pocket is for signal blocking, best for storing car key fobs.
  • Made with a strong shielding material to provide maximum emf signal blocking functionality for your safety and security or to protect your body from the harmful emf radiation effects
  • Front pocket designed for storing items that do not need signal blocking
  • Interior pocket designed to block emf signal 
  • Please do not wash the bag; keep the interior dry, or it may lose signal-blocking function.