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EMF protection awareness, precautionary steps and solutions.

When it comes to synthetic electromagnetic radiation (emitted from cellphones, laptops, wireless routers, cell phone towers or smart meters) there are many ongoing debates on mechanisms they influence human body and health. However, caution, EMF protection, steps and solutions enabling less exposure are less debatable and are generally widely recommended by all sides and relevant experts.

In the following text we will provide you with more detail on nature of electromagnetic waves, explanation and facts about ways they interact with us affecting human health and practical advices on how to protect yourself from electro-magnetic fields.

What is EMF radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is a term describing combination of electric and magnetic energy, transmitted from the source and travelling outward in form of waves. Depending on power and length of waves, they are classified into two main groups: ionizing (extremely hazardous, such as ultraviolet, X-rays or Gamma rays) and non-ionizing (visible light, infrared light, radio waves, microwaves etc). It’s been long known that ionizing radiation is extremely toxic for humans; its hazardous influence on human health can be seen almost instantly after exposure. On the other side, it took decades of research and testing to realize that artificial non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (coming from electronic and electrical devices) is also harmful and affects human health in many ways, even though the consequences of exposure are not so immediate and obvious.

Is there a need for EMF protection in everyday modern life?

Bearing in mind that we live in era of machines, the need for EMF protection is very real. From kitchen appliances and indoor lighting to TVs, computers or smartphones - it’s almost impossible to imagine living and working without modern technology. Technology made working easier, our lives more comfortable and generally improved every aspect of living; modern industry, economy, medicine, education, travelling or communication would not be possible without machines and gadgets.Yet, each of those machines powered by electricity creates electromagnetic field and emits electromagnetic radiation. That is not all; electro-magnetic fields interact with each other creating even stronger and more hazardous effects. For the first time in all human history, people are living in environment so densely polluted with EM waves – it became a health hazard.

Debate on just how much non-ionizing waves are hazardous is still ongoing, mostly because the nature of micro or radio waves is such that it takes some time before serious illnesses develop.You could compare this to how smoking tobacco or eating fast food was regarded decades ago.These habits became rapidly popular and industry took over, while serious scientific testing took decades to study and find evidence on ways smoke and processed food affects our health. By the time it became obvious without any doubt just how toxic smoking and fast food are, consequences were already there and many people suffered a great deal.

EMF protection awareness

Although awareness on EMF protection is growing, many people are not yet aware of their total radiation exposure at the end of a day. This includes exposure during work, at home, outside in the open and at night while sleeping. People who due to the nature of their work spend more time in close proximity to strong sources (i.e. high voltage power lines or stations, heavy machinery, industrial machines, medical scanners and other electronic medical equipment, communications, computers, copy machines etc) are in more need for EMF protection since they are at higher risk from developing various diseases.

Cell phone danger is of primary concern because of the intensity of waves from a cell’s internal antenna and its proximity to the head. However, our total exposure is not only coming from one device; strong electromagnetic field sources also include computers and computer pads, laptops, Wi Fi routers and cordless technology, kitchen and bathroom appliances, TV, home and office wiring, fluorescent lighting and more. All these sources add up to total duration and intensity of daily received radiation.

Electro-magnetic field protection first starts with awareness. Radio and microwaves are invisible and odourless dangers – this represents a difficulty in prevention of electro magnetic field caused diseases, since by the time symptoms start to show, exposure is significant and consequences may be irreversible. The importance of EMF protection is in prevention, long before one develops health problems, and by balancing one's natural electromagnetic field – helping your body to heal faster if you already started feeling some symptoms of exposure.

How severely is our health under attack?

Electromagnetic waves usually overheat living cells; however, studies show they also influences chemical structure of cells non-thermally and damage DNA. Bioinitiative 2012 report, a sum of 1800 different studies, concluded that EM fields cause irreparable damage to DNA and decrease DNA’s capacity to repair. They also cause headaches, sleep disorders, lower memory, learning and attention capacity, it influences reproduction ability in both men and women, development of fetus, may cause ADHD and autism in children. Electromagnetic fields inhibit production of melatonin, which can eventually lead to Alzheimer’s disease or breast cancer.

EM waves are especially hazardous when it comes to children; when compared to adults, their bone density and immune system are still developing and they are more prone to absorbing higher levels of radiation. Today’s generation of kids is the first generation that will be exposed to this rising danger from the very beginning of their lives and we are yet to see what kind of consequences will this fact create in the long run.

Pregnant women are also more vulnerable and should be especially careful in keeping EM sources (especially laptops or pads) away from their bodies. EM waves slow down recovering in patients suffering from chronic diseases by influencing immune system. Also, some people are suffering from electro magnetic hypersensitivity – a serious health condition where patient manifests severe health problems such as strong headaches, skin rashes, sleep disorders, chest pain or heart problems, panic attacks, chronic fatigue or lack of energy, even at the slightest amounts of exposure.

Is electromagnetic field protection even possible? Yes!

In the process of prevention and protection from the EMF related diseases, it’s crucial to reduce exposure to the sources as much as possible. Due to the nature of electro magnetic field which weakens with distance from its source - with little effort and dedication this is easy to achieve.

Most experts recommend caution until we have more precise evidence in how many ways they influence our health. WHO recommends so called “precautionary principle” – a series of actions to avoid or decrease the harm, whereby harm is serious threat to human health with irreversible consequences and is scientifically plausible but not yet certain. These precautionary measures include:

  • Keeping distance from the source. Strength of electromagnetic waves decreases with distance and we will absorb significantly less radiation by simply keeping source away from our body. For example, you can use earphones or headsets while making a phone call instead of placing a cell phone directly next to your head; avoid placing laptop or tablet directly on your body; place cell or mobile phones away from sleeping area since they emit fairly strong fields even while in standby mode; arrange furniture in a way to avoid being close to wiring or electrical panels etc.
  • Avoid making calls while signal is weak. Cell phones emit more waves as they try harder to connect to cell-phone towers, so if it’s not urgent, make a call only once you receive strong signal. Also, mobile phones emit less waves while texting than making a call.
  • Switch to cables. Wireless technology has its advantages, but it also emits higher levels of radiation. By replacing your Wi Fi router or cordless phone with cabled ones, you will be a step closer to successful electromagnetic field protection.
  • Keep children away from electromagnetic sources. Children are not yet fully developed and their body tends to show less resistance and absorb more electromagnetic waves than adults.

EMF protection, our mission and a precautionary step in preserving good health

We at EMF Protection Store strongly agree with all experts who advise caution: it’s better and usually easier and cheaper to prevent a disease than to heal its consequences. Negative effects of electromagnetic radiation can be decreased, prevented and brought close to zero, and we can fully enjoy the era of modern technology without jeopardizing our health.

All of our products are carefully selected, easy to use, tested and proven reliable in effective protection from EMF dangers. We share our customer's concerns that safety must come first. Our mission is to provide you with a variety of shielding/protection products to ensure your favourite techno-gadgets are fun and safe to use.

By practicing EMF protection measures and using EMF protection products best-suited to your needs and lifestyle, you are refusing to feel helpless in dealing with electro-magnetic pollution and choosing instead to protect your health through prevention.