Emf Protection While Sleeping, HaraPad Sleep Shield

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HARApad Sleep Shield, Emf Protection While Sleeping

Most of us keep our cell phone close by while we sleep. Whether you use your cell phone before going to sleep, as an alarm clock or want it close by in case of emergency calls, the HARApad Sleep Shield provides the EMF protection you need. The Emf shield fits any phone and is very simple to use. Just set the product on your night stand or bed, set the phone on either of the flat surfaces, and make sure that the vertical wall is between your phone and your body. The Emf shielding effect of 3 separate materials inside the shield stand will help block all the sources of cell phone radiation. This included bluetooth, WIFI, RF radiation, and ELF magnetic field. The HARApad uses lead and tungsten free, military-grade electromagnetic radiation shielding material.  Your cell phone will still operate normally but your body will be protected from the harmful Emf emissions.