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"My husband and I are very happy with the REN pendant. We are sleeping much deeper and longer without waking up and my dreams aren't so terrible now (they were really awful). I also feel much less anxious and my reactions to stressful situations are calmer and definitely not so angry. I am sensitive to everything and that is why I bought the REN because I knew that EMF was part of the reason why I am feeling so unwell in so many ways. I am feeling so much better - even after less than a week."

Meredith Katzman, Burbank, CA, United States


REN Pendant Models - 3rd Generation Models Updated Strength

REN Large / Super Strength - Effective diameter 150 Ft / 50 m (diameter) or 1220 Sq ft – Size Large (2” long, 5/8” diameter)

REN Medium / Extra Strength - Effective diameter 100 Ft / 36 m (diameter) – Size Medium (1.5” long, 3/8” diameter)

REN Small / Regular Strength -Effective within 45 Ft / 15 m (diameter) – Size Small (1” long, 2/8” diameter)


What is a REN Emf Protection Pendant and how does it work?

REN electromagnetic protection is based on the scientific principles of physics. REN is not just a piece of shaped metal, rather it is a device. The visible part of the REN is its outside body. The core of the REN is hollow and contains solenoid that interacts with the body of the pendant. Both properties produce different frequencies. Together they create a weak electric field and emit natural frequencies that are beneficial to humans. This re-establishes one’s own safe electromagnetic field thus offering constant EMF protection.  

REN’s proportions are based upon the naturally occurring “golden ratio” and reproduced by a commonly accepted mathematical formula known as Fibonacci’s numbers. The spherically shaped field created by the REN pendant does not allow resonance between the EMF radiation source and body/surrounding area it protects.

Both the energy field of the Earth’s crust and human bio-field can power REN to instantly establish a field of natural frequencies. This natural field balances energy within the body (human, animal, or plant) within 24 hours to several days. REN creates conditions for our body to function normally and effectively, thus creating health benefits. REN does not reduce EMF radiation when measured with EMF meter.

It is next to impossible to avoid the pervasive man-made electromagnetic pollution in day-to-day life. Immersed in an ocean of various electromagnetic fields, we require increased protection and defense. This can be achieved through the use of the newest generation of eco-technology that strengthens the vibratory field, or bio-field, of one’s body. The REN Emf Pendant is 100% safe for all users – including adults, children, pregnant women, and those living with acute and chronic ailments.

REN is a unique technical invention that passed a rigorous approval process and was recognized and accepted by patent institutes in the USA and Canada. REN is also the winner of numerous international awards and recognitions.

Independent testings were done in the following institutes:

- Institute of Natural Medidne Breisach-Breisgau - Germany
- Association "Gesunde leiven" (Healthy Living), Kampen - the Netherlands
- Specialist's neuropsychiatry office "Dr. Videv", Bitolj - Macedonia
- Institute of Natural Medicine in Bad Muende, Springe - Germany

 Additional Benefits of the REN Protection Pendant

There are many benefits that REN products offer aside from EMF protection or rather because of it. Users of REN products and medical doctors who work in the field of quantum and bio-resonant medicine have reported significant benefits in documented testimonials.


  • Deeper more restful, uninterrupted sleep
  • Absence of nightmares
  • Disappearance of insomnia
  • Waking rested and in a good mood that lasts all day
  • Elimination or reduction of sedatives and antidepressants

Pain Management & Elimination

  • Significant reduction or disappearance of pain (users place REN Emf Protection Pendant directly on or gently roll over areas of discomfort)
  • Disappearance of phantom pains in the amputees – especially strong during storms electrical discharge

Chronic Illness

  • Symptoms of certain diseases are significantly reduced or completely disappear (migraine and other pain attacks)

Stress and Anxiety

  • Greater ease in coping with stressful situations or frustration
  • Anxiety and irrational fears disappear, replaced by a sense of calm/confidence
  • Crises are of much shorter intervals and intensity
  • Increased concentration and disappearance of tension (i.e. students with exams)

Body Balance

  • Endocrine system balance – particularly of the thyroid gland
  • Hormonal balance in women with irregular menstruation
  • Stabilization of serotonin and melatonin secretion (improved mood, sleeping and elimination of jet-leg effect with change of time zones)

Heart Health

  • Pace-maker protection from EMFs such as mobile phones, remote controls, electric trains, trams,    trolleys, and strong EMFs from electrical machinery and equipment


Area of effectiveness

REN Large / Super Strength - Effective diameter 150 Ft / 50 m (diameter) or 1220 Sq ft – Size Large (2” long, 5/8” diameter)

REN Medium / Extra Strength - Effective diameter 100 Ft / 36 m (diameter) – Size Medium (1.5” long, 3/8” diameter)

REN Small - Effective within 45 Ft / 15 m (diameter) – Size Small (1” long, 2/8” diameter)

REN products are plated with gold or silver. Choose accordingly. 

How to use your REN Protection Pendant

REN Protection Pendant can be carried in a pocket, purse, on a key chain, or worn as a necklace. If you do not want to wear your REN EMF Protection Pendant, place it in an upright position when possible in the space where you spend most of your time (office, living room, bedroom, car).

The strength of the field and the effects of the pendant are related to the size. Choose your pendant depending on the amount of the Emf radiation you are exposed to daily and your sensitivity to it.

None of the REN models can negatively affect your health.

Suggested use:

REN Small - Wear as pendant, key chain, in pocket or purse etc. 

Designed for users without major electro sensitivity issues and normal daily exposure to Emf radiation. Supports healthy functioning of the body.

REN Medium / Extra Strength - Wear as pendant, key chain, in pocket or purse, keep in office or next to bed.

Designed for users that need extra protection and support due to their sensitivity to Emf radiation or due to the amount of daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation at work or at home. 

REN Large - Super Strength - Keep at home or at work to effectively protect large areas of space from Emf dangers. It can be worn as pendant if exptremely electro sensitive to the efects of Emf exposure.

Awards and Medals

1. Gold medal EWEI/INPEX, Pittsburgh 2005
2. Grand Prix - EWEI, Sofia 2005
3. GIA diploma, South Africa 2005
4. Special diploma - Arhimed, Moscow 2006
5. Silver medal Nikola Tesla - Jupin, Belgrade 2006
6. Silver medal - Arhimed, Moscow 2006