EMF Blocking Bed Canopy with Silver Fibre. Includes a frame.

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  • Manufactured with a specially designed EMF blocking fabric, offering the best protection against EMF, 5G, WIFI and other emissions in the tested spectrum of 10Mhz to 10 Ghz.
  • Emf shielding is achieved by using high quality silver fibre + nylon.
  • Provides safe and healthy environment for you and your family, free from radiation.
  • Conductive silver fabric, extremely breathable and lightweight material. It is built to provide years of service as the properties are not lost due to washing or ironing, if handled as per instructions. This material is ideal for any choice of the frame you decide to use (not included).
  •  The thin nylon fabric is very soft to touch while the transparency prevents any claustrophobic feelings during the night. It will protect your family from cell phones, wifi routers and various other household devices.
  •  In addition to the many health benefits of blocking out EMFs, the canopy brings a sense of luxury to the bedroom due to its quality and design.

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 Washing instructions:

1. Low temperature washing, below 40℃ 2. Use ordinary neutral detergent or phosphorus-free neutral detergent, and "silver fiber special detergent" can be used for cleaning. 3. DO NOT to use any bleach solution or "hydrogen peroxide" for washing, rinsing. 4. In some areas, the chlorine concentration in tap water is high. You can keep the tap water for a day in a pot before washing 5. It is recommended to hand wash gently, do not scrub or wring dry, and try to avoid machine washing. 6. Do not expose to the sun, just hang to dry in a ventilated place. 7. Do not iron, be sure to choose low temperature ironing if ironing, not steam ironing.

The canopy comes with frame.
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