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ProShield pad is a laptop radiation shield, which blocks almost all harmful EMFs from your laptop computer. It will help you stay safe and protected from heat and electromagnetic radiation any time you use it.

How does it work?

This laptop radiation shield is designed to be simple and functional. It is build from protective materials which block radiation from laptops, and keep both Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Radio Frequency (RF) emissions safely away from your body.

ELF is a low-energy radiation; although it’s less harmful than i.e. x-rays, it can still move atoms in molecules and cause them to vibrate. Power lines, household appliances and basically any other device powered by electricity emits ELFs. RF is also a type of non-ionizing radiation that can cause health problems if we are regularly overexposed to it. It comes from TV and radio signals, WiFi and Bluetooth, radars, scanners, welding devices etc, and it usually causes overheating in our cells, which disturbs natural bio-chemical balance and causes various illnesses from skin rashes to infertility or cancer. When placed under your laptop, ProShield pad will also block excessive heat coming from your computer and it will protect your body from dangerous overheating.

It can be used as EMF shield against any electromagnetic emissions from laptops, tablets or any other portable computer or gadget you have the habit of keeping in your lap. All those devices, similar to laptops, create EMF radiation and considering amount of time we spend using them daily – represent potential hazard in the long run. By simply placing this protective pad under your favorite computer device, you can keep enjoying benefits of modern technology and stay safe and healthy at the same time.

Will my laptop fit?

ProShield Laptop Pad fits most of the laptop sizes. It comes in one universal size 17 x 10,6 inch (36 x 26,5 cm) and 19x14 inch

Color options

This anti-radiation pad can be used on both sides. One side is blue and the other black.

Comfortable and practical

ProShield laptop radiation shield is light (1.3-1.6 lbs), practical to pack and can easily be carried in bag, pouch or your backpack. It feels comfortable on your lap and will block both heat and laptop radiation.

Dangers from laptop radiation?

Most people spend a lot of time daily working or having fun on their laptops. They are more portable and convenient than regular computers; being able to access data anytime and anywhere has greatly changed our lives for the better. We certainly shouldn’t give up on those advantages but we have to avoid exposing ourselves to unnecessary health hazard. Studies and gathered evidence (check our blog for more topics) have confirmed that keeping unprotected laptops close to our bodies will expose us to unhealthy amounts of radiation each day. The heat, as well as electromagnetic radiation from laptop becomes especially dangerous because their source is too close to our body and this exposure repeats each day again and again. It can cause skin burns, uncomfortable rashes and even break bonds inside our DNA, cause sterility in men and damage fetuses in pregnant women’s womb. Children, as high risk group, should be aware of EMF dangers and should always use some kind of laptop radiation protection, because their bodies are still developing and will generally absorb more EMFs.

Laptop radiation shielding – easy way to live safer

Anti-radiation products are not a luxury, but a necessity. We are still not fully used of thinking that something invisible and odorless can harm us, but our body-cells certainly sense and react to electro-magnetic radiation coming from our laptops. This awareness of the need for responsible use of electronic devices is fortunately growing each day and will hopefully significantly contribute in decrease of EMF-caused diseases. To furthermore reduce the risks from laptop radiation please check 5 basic principles of laptop radiation protection.

ProShield™ laptop radiation shield from Smart&Safe is one of the best solutions for you, your children and your loved ones. It is an effective and reliable way to avoid negative sides of laptop radiation and to fully enjoy your work or fun time without fear that they will harm you in any way.

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