Tablet, iPad Radiation Protection Shield

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iPads and other tablets have become an essential part of our lives in very short time. Many of us are not even slightly concern about ipad radiation risk. We use it for taking photos, doing business, playing games etc. However we should not forget that computer tablets are just smaller computers.

Inside your iPad or any other tablet is an intricate network of devices and connectors through witch electric current flows. With the flow of electric current EMF radiation is created. In addition, the wifi, when active, creates its own electromagnetic field thus adding to the general iPad radiation level. When you place your tablet on your lap these invisible Emf waves are penetrating your lover body and organs. The latest scientific research shows that radiation from ipad or tablet PCs can cause some detrimental health effects.

An easy way to implement Emf protection while using your tablet is to use HaraPad - iPad Radiation Protection Shield. This tablet pad is made in the size that fits almost any size tablets. 9.5″ tall  x 7.5″ wide the HARApad emf pad for tablets works with most tablets and ereaders, including Nook, Kindle, and all generations of iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, and the 9.7″ iPad Pro.  Also works on other tablets near this size, including Samsung.

The special layer inside the pad will protect your body from the Emf radiation. In the same time you will have a surface that will make the use of iPad/tablet more comfortable and convenient for work or entairtainment. Additionaly this Emf protection pad will reduce the heating effects of your tablet on your body.