Laptop Radiation Shield Pad

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This Emf protection pad for laptops is made from the military grade material that shields your body from the extremely low frequencies (ELF), WiFi radiation and heat that every laptop radiates. Extremely durable and strong it will protect the lower part of your laptop from physical damage.

Our world is becoming more and more connected, with many new technologies that may pose dangers to our health after prolonged use. This is especially true when it comes to radiation and heat from something we use every day, such as a laptop. The studies have been done showing that laptop heat and laptop radiation can affect sperm production.

HaraPad deflects the radiation and the heat away from your body and inner organs. It's light weight and sturdy design allows easy portability and propper air flow out of your computer.

You will enjoy using your laptop without feeling the overheating (by adding the heat shield) and knowing that you are protected from the Emf dangers.



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