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Microsafe is a microwave radiation shielding cover which, after being attached to oven’s door, blocks 60-70% of its dangerous electromagnetic emissions.

While in use, microwave oven emits strong EM field in all directions. Emissions are even stronger and more dangerous in older ovens, since the door sealing tends to weaken with time and leak microwaves. If you use it every day, you are being exposed to significant amounts of EMF radiation that will, in long run, have negative effects on your health, without you even realizing that you are in danger.

How does Microsafe protective cover work?

Microsafe shielding cover is made out of special safe and non toxic material that blocks EMF radiation from ovens up to 60-70%. Its design is simple and highly effective; it comes with two sided adhesive magnets for super easy installation. Just stick it to your oven’s door and this microwave shield is ready to use.

Microsafe shield blocks both microwave (MF) and radiowave (RF) frequency radiation, so you don’t have to worry if your oven’s leaks will spread into the room, because it will block those emissions as well.

The cover itself is durable and light weight. It will not break or shatter even if it drops on the floor.

This video below shows amounts of EMFs with and without the use of Microsafe microwave radiation shielding cover.

Product design and dimensions

Microsafe shielding cover comes in two sizes and each size in 3 different design patterns.

  • Dimensions:
    • Long 36 x High 23.5 cm (14.2 x 9.25 inches) Large
    • Long 30 x High 19.5 cm ( 11.8 x 7.7 inches) Small
  • Design paterns:
    • Green Forest with Sun Rays
    • Gray Rain Drops on Glass

Is microwave radiation protection necessary?

Microwave oven safety is a focus of discussion for many years. Although these ovens are super practical for fast tempo of modern life, they can also be a health hazard.

An average microwave oven creates approximately 2.5 GHz radiation, while bombarding the food with it and causing molecular friction that heats the food. These MF waves come from inside part called magnetron. Oven’s cables and motor also create their own EMF field, resulting in total of approximately 7 V/m of harmful emission extending outward to all sides.

In this video you can see how electromagnetic waves can spread even 4 meters from microwave oven.

Microwave oven safety for you and your family members

Protection from microwave radiation dangers is a smart and necessary step to ensure that you and your family are not absorbing high levels of MFs and RFs that can, with time, make you ill.

Using Microsafe shielding cover is a simple and great solution for the whole family; no matter who uses the oven (you or your kids when you’re not at home) you can remain carefree and rest assured that dangerous radiation from microwave is blocked.

Microsafe blocks dangerous microwave radiation emissions up to 60-70%. No installation, durable, lightweight, fits most microwave models. Two sizes.

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