Pregnancy Belly Band - Anti Radiation Clothes

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Belly Band - Anti Radiation Maternity Clothes 

When it comes to anti radiation maternity clothes, EMF Protection Store presents the pregnancy Belly Band – a protective garment which can be worn either over or under other clothes. In both cases, it provides great protection against RF radiation for your baby.

Protect your baby from everyday radiation during your pregnancy while complimenting you and your clothing. Go about your day freely and stylishly with the peace of mind. Why buy a cheap belly band when having one that protects your child from dangerous radiation from cell phones, cell towers, and laptops by up to 100%. 

• Reduces radiation exposure by up to 100%
• FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven
• Complementing your figure
• Comfortable to wear
• Silky soft
• Air penetrable
• Washable

Size and Fit

The design of the Belly Band is perfect for those who prefer a bit looser fit around their belly. The pleated design is perfect for making easy adjustments of vertical coverage. The Belly Band comes in 4 different sizes. This allows you to wear the Belly Band all the way through your pregnancy, from the first trimester to the delivery, no matter what size you normally wear.

  • S (lower waist 26-30") (top of the belly 23-29")
  • M (lower waist 30-34") (top of the belly 26-32")
  • L (lower waist 34-38") (top of the belly 30-36")
  • XL (lower waist 36-42") (top of the belly 32-38")

Band sizing is based on your pre-pregnancy size. Between numbers? We strongly recommend to choose a size up withint the receommened range. 

The emf shielding fabric is free of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and common allergens, so it is perfectly safe for your skin. You can wear it under your regular clothes – like an undershirt or a camisole, or on top of them, whichever way you prefer.

The Belly Bend is extremely efficient in neutralizing emf radiation emitted by cell phones, WiFi networks, microwave ovens and other sources of radiations. Wearing one will allow you to use your cell phone, tablet or laptop computer without fear of harming your baby. And if you would like some additional shielding products, check out products that offer protection from cell phone radiation or our personal EMF protection section.

The emerging information about the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation is alarming, but, so far there is not enough research on the subject to reach a definitive conclusion. However, you and your baby will certainly be a lot safer if you protect yourself by wearing the Belly Band personal protective clothing. This way you can safely use your electronic devices for work or fun, without having to worry about the harmful effects on your unborn child.

For expecting moms we recommend few other items that will offer protection from EMFs, but also flatter your new shape and expand your clothing options. 

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