EMF Radiation and Health Risks - Bioinitiative Report

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Bioinitiative Working Group has issued a report with new research information on impact of EMF radiation on human health. This report is the fifth in 2012 and reviews more than 1800 new scientific studies. The Report was prepared by 29 independent scientists from ten various countries. The most important conclusion of this Bioinitiative 2012 Report was that electromagnetic radiation has significantly increased since 2007 and at this point EMFs pose a risk that cannot be neglected, particularly when it comes to children, pregnant women and recovering patients.

Reviewing the new evidence, authors emphasize it’s impossible to neglect the fact that the risk affects now billions of people worldwide.

According to the studies, there are two types of electromagnetic radiation people are exposed to:

  • Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF)
  • Radio frequency radiation (RF)

Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields come from electrical appliances (i.e. computers, television, fridge, washing machines, lighting, power lines etc.). Radio frequency radiation comes from wireless technologies (cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone towers and antennas, wireless internet antennas, smart meters, baby monitors etc.).

The Report consists of 21 sections and includes critical review of existing public exposure standards, evidence on genotoxic effects of EMF radiation, effects on immune functions, neurology and behavior and many more.

Authors concluded the report with urgency for new revised safety standards, providing many evidence specifically pointing why new standards are necessary. EMF exposure causes genes and DNA damage, causing different types of cancer and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and even a higher risk from autism in newborns. Other perhaps less life threatening diseases caused by EMFs are low memory and learning capacity, difficulties with sleeping, changes in behavior, anxiety and headaches. Hyperactivity, learning and behavior problems in children are linked with numerous evidence from studies made both on animals and humans. Pregnant women are at high risk when it comes to EMF radiation exposure.  Cell phones, laptops and wireless devices exposure has greater impact on fetuses than on children and adults and even low exposures are enough to cause alterations in brain development of the fetus.

The Report has a complete section dealing only with precautionary measures, explaining how and why EMF radiation exposure should be avoided and brought to a minimum. Throughout human history, precaution has served mankind well, whether or not described as formal principle. Providing supporting evidence why both knowledge and ignorance should be taken with precaution, Mr. Gee, author of this section of Bioinitiative Report explains many examples of early warnings EMF radiation exposure should be dealt with and not ignored.

You can read the whole report here. Some very simple and effective precautionary measures are described here. Introducing these EMF protection measures, you will lower EMF exposure significantly and decrease risk of developing EMF caused health problems. For additional protection, find out more on EMF protection products and principle they shield human body from harmful EMF radiation.

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