EMF Meters and detectors

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EMF meters and detectors are very helpful in measuring correct radiation levels we are exposed to.

EMF meters and detectors are scientific instruments, made especially to measure density of EMFs and changes in radiation levels. Two main categories of EMF meters are single axis and tri-axis meters. Single axis meters measures only one dimension of the EMF radiation, while tri-axis measure all three axis simultaneously and give more accurate measurement summing it into one single reading. Best EMF meters and detector are the one who can measure both low frequency radiation (domestic appliances, TV, computer, house wiring, electrical installation) and high frequency radiation (cell phones and other mobile devices, cell phone towers, wireless networks and modems, microwave ovens, TV and radio broadcast antennas).  In measuring electromagnetic field pollution, EMF meters and detectors produce perfectly useful readings and are simple to use. If you choose to use one of those, you'll be to put your mind at ease, establishing and knowing correctly where the radiation hot spots are, so that you can either rearrange EMF sources differently to decrease radiation exposure or just avoid spending time at that particular spot much as you can.

After detecting EMF radiation, you will know if you need to make some EMF protection steps in order to decrease your exposure. If radiation levels are high see if you can replace some EMF sources that emit higher levels of radiation with the ones who emit less. For example, corded phones and cable internet emit significantly lower radiation than wireless technologies. Remove all unnecessary EMF sources from your sleeping area since you spend at least one third of your time there. Also, unplug all electrical appliances while they are not in use. Read more on additional tips how to reduce electromagnetic radiation here.

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