The importance of distance from Emfs

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Cell phone safety is becoming a widely used term. We can translate this word as “finding a way to benefit from modern technologies without being at risk of potential health problems cell phone radiation can cause”. Although mobile phones are relatively new convenience and they have been in our lives only for a few decades, today it's difficult to imagine modern life without them. Yet, evidence supporting hazardous impact of mobile phone radiation on human health is building up. World Health Organization has classified cell phone radiation as "possible human carcinogen" and every new study brings more information and deeper insight into various ways mobile phone radiation can harm our health on cellular level.

When it comes to cell phones, cell phone radiation comes mostly from the build in antenna. Different mobile phone models emit different levels of radiation, but regardless of the phone model, the common property of any EMF waves is that they are strongest near the source and their intensity decreases with distance. Although this is a well known and proven fact, most people are still not aware how dangerous it is to keep their cell phones close to their heads and there are easy ways mobile phone radiation can be significantly lowered simply by keeping a distance from this EMF source.

An occasional exposure to mobile phone radiation will probably have no influence on our health, but things become more serious with prolonged exposure. An excessive use of cell phones can cause various health implications; from simple ones such as insomnia, headaches and lack of concentration, to serious diseases such as brain cancer, leukemia and even Alzheimer's disease.

Keeping the distance from the source of electromagnetic radiation is the only true way of being sure we are practicing EMF safety. Even while in standby mode, mobile phones should be kept away from our working and sleeping areas and should not be carried next to our bodies. While having a phone call, the best way to avoid most of mobile phone radiation is simply to keep it away from our head. The handsets are ideal for this purpose. Wireless technologies should be avoided whenever possible, since studies showed that they emit more radiation when compared to wired ones. Choosing a quality handset means keeping quality of sound during conversation and practicing EMF safety at the same time. Although this may not appear too important in short run, in the long term you will protect yourself from serious cell phone radiation exposure and reduce risk of EMF caused health problems significantly. This is especially important when it comes to teenagers and young adults; according to scientific studies they are in the group of heavy cell phone users and their yet fully undeveloped bodies absorb higher percentage of radiation when compared to adults. There are various models of wired handsets and you can search for the ones you find most comfortable and effective. Handsets are simple, modern, convenient and effective cell phone radiation protection.

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