EMF Radiation Exposure and Pregnancy

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EMF radiation has been linked to various diseases and health problems. Children, pregnant women and patients with compromised immune system are most vulnerable categories.

EMF radiation comes from variety of sources; cell phones, computers, TVs, power cords, kitchen appliances, blow driers, vacuum cleaners, cell phone towers, smart meters, power lines – in short every device powered by electricity that we use in our daily lives and are exposed to inside our homes, at work or anywhere else. Consequences of being exposed to EMF radiation depend on many factors and research done by wide variety of medical and scientific experts links electromagnetic radiation to many diseases. Although it will take much more studying on this subject, discovered evidence so far is enough to raise some serious concern on long term effects of EMF radiation.

Considering high EMF pollution (and the fact that we use more and more electric and electronic devices every day), there is a special concern for expecting mothers and influence EMF's have on fetuses and DNA damage. Studies show possible connection between EMF radiation and miscarriages, birth defects, autism in newborn babies, attention deficit disorder, neurological dysfunction, hyperactivity, learning disorders, childhood asthma etc. Newest studies have even discovered heavy EMF exposure during pregnancy can possibly cause DNA mutation, both in males (sperm DNA damage) and females (fetus DNA damage, especially during early embryonic development).

A study from San Francisco (published in Epidemiology journal) asked more than 900 pregnant woomen who were less than 10 weeks pregnant, to wear EMF monitors in order to measure their daily EMF exposure. After comparing those results to pregnancy outcome, it turned out that those pregnant women with the highest peaks of EMF exposure had 80% higher risk of miscarriage.

Electromagnetic radiation affects human cells in a way that  disturbs the natural electromagnetic field of our cells. This can lead to damage of cell membranes, decrease in intracellular communication, increase of deposits of heavy metals in cells and many other problems. While being exposed to EMF's human cells go out of their natural electromagnetic balance and every new study brings more insight into what different health consequences this misbalance has. Embryos are extremely susceptible and vulnerable to unnatural man made electromagnetic waves. 

Strength of electromagnetic field decreases with distance, so pregnant women should be very conscious how close they are to EMF source and how much time they spend being exposed to EMF waves. The best way is to keep EMF source as far as possible and keep EMF exposure short. Special attention should be paid while using a laptop, or keeping a cell phone close to body even if cell phone is in standby mode. Keep the distance between these EMF sources and your body as far as possible or use cell phone Emf case and laptop radiation shield pad. In addition to EMF protection steps, there are certain shielding clothes with very effective shielding capabilities. Their special properties enable pregnant women and their unborn children to reduce the absorption of EMF waves.

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