Secondhand Cell Phone Radiation – Radiation of Standby Mode

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Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology published a study made by two Swiss researchers Damiano Urbinello and Martin Roosli, on effects of radiation from cell phones in standby mode. Two researchers wanted to test amount of radiation emitted from cell phones in standby mode, while driving in bus or trains. Cell phones contact cell phones towers more frequently while in moving vehicle, searching a signal and trying to connect to the network. It turns out, exposure to cell phone radiation is considerably greater while moving, regardless the fact the cell phones are in standby mode.

In addition, cars, buses and trains act as so called “Faraday cages” reflecting a great deal of emitted radiation back to vehicle’s inside, thereby magnifying level of EMF exposure. This way, all passengers in public transportation are exposed to high levels of EMFs, even though if they don’t carry cell phone of their own.

On the other hand, after measuring total amount of EMF radiation in personal vehicle, it turns out it is relatively lower than levels of radiation in public transport. However, cars also reflect EMFs toward inside of the vehicle magnifying it, so recommendation how cell phones would be best turned off while driving stands.

Researchers tested both GSM and UMTS (2G and 3G carrier system) and GSM turned out to be more troublesome, emitting higher levels of radiation.  Measuring showed, GSM radiation levels were up to 100 times higher during bus or train travelling in compare to those measured inside moving personal vehicles. Location update from couple of cell phones in personal vehicle is incomparably lower than large number of cell phones in trains or buses whose radiation is even more magnified by Faraday cage effect. Measured EMF radiation levels were highest during train rides and lowest during car rides through rural areas.

This study also showed that smart phones emit more radiation in standby mode in compare with classic cell phones. This is because smart phones operate on more radio  frequency bands (usually four), while cell phones operate on two bands.

Another study showed that cell phone radiation from cell phones in standby mode while stationary is considerably negligible. Cell phones in this mode contact cell phone towers once in two to five hours, while cell phone in moving mode will try to maintain connection to cell phone tower practically all the time.  

It is recommended cell phone use should be avoided in all metal and closed spaces, such as cars, trains, buses, elevators and even basements. This is partially due to Faraday cage effect but also because of the low network signal; every time signal is weak the cell phone will try to set up better connection and therefore emit higher levels of EMFs. If possible, the best thing would be to keep cell phones turned off in such situations. Find out more about EMF protection tips and EMF protection products and stay informed on potential risks of cell phone radiation.

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