Cell Phone Safety and Cell Phone Radiation Levels

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Cell phone safety awareness is growing with every day and more and more users are trying to find ways to minimize cell phone radiation and it’s possible harmful effects. If you are worried about your cell phone radiation levels and want to know more how to deal with this radiation, here are some useful facts to know.

Hand held phones have built in antennas. The highest mobile phone radiation level is closest to antenna, and the nature of these radio frequency waves is such that they decrease with distance. If you have a habit of holding a cell phone next to your head, this means that highest radiation levels are getting absorbed directly by your scull and head tissue. This is particularly dangerous when it comes to children or young adults, because their bone structure is not yet fully developed as bone structure of an adult, so their bodies, as various studies keep confirming, absorb even more radiation. The American Cancer Society states that many factors influence how much of mobile phone radiation will be absorbed into our bodies: how much time we spend using mobile phones, distance between our phones and the nearest cell phone tower, radiation levels of the particular phone model we use, whether we use it in closed or open spaces, our age, our current health condition, our own electrical sensitivity etc.

Any cell phone safety awareness first includes the golden rule “the further the better”. Regardless of the phone model you use the best way to decrease radiation levels is to avoid holding it next to your head. There are various headsets you can use to maintain safe distance from mobile phone and your skull. Few simple things such as texting more and calling less, avoiding using your phone while network signal is poor or while in closed spaces (cars, buses, elevators), keeping it away from your body or working and sleeping area, will add significantly to your personal EMF safety. Also, there are other accessories specially designed to decrease cell phone radiation levels. Some of Emf cell phone cases we offer, for example, are made from Emf shielding material that is protecting you from mobile phone radiation. Find out more about various cell phone safety products in the Emf Protection Store.

It’s also good to know EMF radiation levels of the particular phone model before you decide to purchase it. While choosing a model, keep in mind that your health should be your priority. Consider the time you will be spending using your phone plus the fact that EMF radiation from your own phone is not the only EMF radiation you are exposed to; radiation from cell phone antennas in your proximity, Wi-Fi technologies, EMFs from electronic and electrical devices – they all add up to the total level of EMF radiation you absorb every day. 

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