Cell Phone Addiction creates spine problems and premature aging

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OK, so we know the main danger from cell phones is EMF radiation, but now physicians are warning us that addiction to cell or smart phones is making us age prematurely?

This sounds as just another over-hyped information meant to scare population into panic – but it is not. According to physicians and dermatologists, the younger generation (18-39 yrs old) is getting saggy skin, wrinkles, “tech-neck” and hunched body posture because of their cell phone addiction and general overuse of technology!

It looks that we have reached the point of using technology to such extent daily that it changes and shapes our physical appearance!


Addiction to cell phones causes premature aging

Back in the 2013 a study commissioned by Nokia found that mobile users check their phone on average 150 times a day. Smartphone addiction is peaking among young people. It’s estimated that people age 18-39 on average own three portable devices (phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.)

Now doctors are warning that more and more young people are developing wrinkles, sagging jowls and a condition called “tech-neck” – a distinct crease just above the clavicle bone.

According to Dr. Christopher Rowland Payne, Dermatologist at London Clinic, these problems are usually seen in middle age patients, but today young people suffer from wrinkles, saggy skin and improper body posture even 10 years before they normally would. This happens because of constant gazing at screens with neck bent downwards.

A decade ago, most young patients who sought dermatologists’ help usually had skin problems in “T-zone” of their face. However, today the prevalence in their skin problems happens in so called “Y-Zone” – jowl area, throat and upper chest, all because they spend too much time hunched over looking at their electronic devices.

Unnatural body posture results in poor blood circulation, creating variety of skin problems

Smartphone addiction and constant distraction with surfing, texting or gaming on mobile devices keeps us in unnatural body position for the big part of the day, day after day. This not only creates wrinkles and many fine lines on our skin, but it decreases elasticity of skin. Insufficient movement (keeping one body position for long time) results in poor blood circulation and this affects quality of skin; it decreases glycans – sugar molecule which regulates production of collagen and increases fat of the neck.

Cell phone addiction can cause serious neck and spine problems

A study published in " Surgery Technology International "  concludes that keeping head constantly flexed forward creates premature degeneration of spine, sometimes so severe that developed wears and tears can be corrected only with surgery.

This picture shows the weight and stress on spine increases when neck is flexed in varying degrees.

It is advised that individuals must make effort to hold their phones and other portable phone/computer devices in such way that spine suffers the least weight possible (see body posture 0 degrees spine).

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