Cell phone radiation, tumor, cancers and body dysfunctions

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Results from a new UK cell phone radiation study support some previous evidence that cell phone radiation increases the risk of developing acoustic neuroma and pituitary gland cancer. Acoustic neuroma is rare form of non malignant tumor that develops on the main nerve between inner ear and brain. Pituitary gland is located in the middle of brain’s base and it produces hormones for regulation of important functions of human body.

University of Oxford, England, formed a team led by Victoria Benson, Jane Green and Valerie Beral. The team made a study on women who used mobile phones for more than ten years. Results showed that these women are two and a half times more likely to develop acoustic neuroma when compared with others who were not exposed to it. The longer the women were exposed to cell phone radiation, the higher the risk was. Special significance of this study is that this is a “prospective study”.  In retrospective studies, subject are questioned and tested retrospectively – after they have already developed a disease that is subject of study. People who have developed tumors will often rely on their memories to estimate and describe their past exposure to cell phones. Those memories are frequently under influence of emotions so it’s not rare for a subject who is eager to explain their condition to overestimate their exposure to carcinogen and therefore reduce the value of a study. Prospective studies are more valuable since subject fills in the forms about exposure to carcinogen before they develop illness and results are being monitored as they happen. This particular study from UK has recruited women before they developed tumors and they have not had any motivation to misreport their use of phones over the years.

Previous studies, Interphone project,  Lennart Hardell’s group from Sweden and Japanese study from 2010, have also connected long term exposure to cell phone radiation to acoustic neuroma. IN 2012, Italian Supreme Court has affirmed a ruling in case of Innocente Marcolini, businessmen from Brescia who developed this illness after 12 years of intense cell phone use and sued for worker’s compensation.  Most frequent conclusion from any electromagnetic radiation related study is not whether they cause cancer or not, it’s that this issue will take more time to gather certain evidence and in the meantime scientist usually recommend caution and protection measures and tips.

So, how can I protect myself from cell phone radiation?

Brain tumors can take decades to develop and being aware of potential harm of EMF exposure is very important. Take into consideration electromagnetic fields build upon each other and they accumulate, so the radiation from mobile phones is just a small portion of total radiation sum at the end of a day. EMFs from cell phones can be reduced with various products, such as pendants, low radiation antennas, attachable anti-radiation discs etc. One of the most popular and certainly easiest to use product from our offer is cell phone case, especially designed to decrease and shield from electromagnetic waves

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