Microwave radiation exposure causes irreparable damage to DNA

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Microwave radiation (form of non ionizing radiofrequency waves) has lately been subject of great public concern. Non ionizing radiofrequency waves are widely used in our daily lives, TV, Wi-Fi, cell phone communication, in industry, medicine and commerce. The usage of electronic technologies that emit electromagnetic waves grows constantly. Throughout human history, there has never been so much EMF pollution as at the present time and people have never been exposed to it on this level before. Studies are showing reasons for concern and caution; microwaves were linked with development of various health problems and serious diseases including cancer, damage of living cells and DNA structure.

Biochemistry Department of University of New Delhi, India, made a study which showed microwaves damage deoxyribonucleic acid in rats. Rats were exposed to microwave radiation of three different frequencies (900, 1800 and 2450 MHz) for a period of 30 days. Official conclusion of this study is that low frequency microwave radiation damages brain tissue and induces braking of DNA strands. Prolonged exposure also increases the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

After 30 days of chronic exposure to low-level EMFs, experimental rats have developed DNA damage in their brain tissue. Previous doubts that it causes changes in cellular processes leading to cancer were confirmed. However, it seems that low level microwave radiation, being too weak, does not break chemical structure of the cells directly; the worst toxic effects happen indirectly, when EMFs influence generation of oxygen free radicals or causes imbalance of DNA repair mechanisms.

How to avoid microwave radiation?

The well being of any living system is closely related to condition of its cells. Living cells are unusually sensitive to synthetic electromagnetic fields and assessing direct and indirect biological effects of it is area of the most active research in field of testing DNA’s sensitivity. Test results on how microwaves affect human health are often inconclusive since the worsteffects of manmade electromagnetic waves usually take time to develop. Considering the rate in which technology is being used today it’s very important to keep EMF exposure as short as possible and try to ensure healthy living and working environment. Scientists recommend caution and practicing of precautionary principle: it starts with awareness that electromagnetic radiation is possible carcinogen and recognizing intensity and duration of our daily exposures to it. There are many ways to reduce EMFs and they are usually based on either keeping the distance from EMF sources or using some kind of protection products, designed to shield or reduce amount of radiation reaching your body. Tested and efficient EMF protection products come in various forms; choosing those that are easy to use and best suitable to your lifestyle enables you to protect your health and avoid exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields and keep a natural healthy frequency of human bioelectric field

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