EMF pollution – how to construct a low EMF environment in a home?

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In today’s day and age of technology, there is a great need of paying special attention to electromagnetic radiation exposure on daily basis. Harmful EMF pollution does not come only from our cell phones; any electrical device emits certain amount of electromagnetic radiation, including power lines, electrical panels, indoor lighting, electrical appliances, smart meters etc. Creating a healthy safe home by designing and building a structure with low EMF pollution levels is a good way to ensure conditions for long lasting health and avoid potential dangers from long term radiation exposure.

By definition, green building or green constructing means using designs, building materials and environmentally responsible solutions to enable harvesting energy, water and other resources throughout the life cycle of certain structure in economic, sustainable, healthy and environment -friendly way. The main goal of green building is protection and restoration of human health and healthy environment we live in throughout the whole duration of built structure, including design, functionality, economy, comfort, maintenance and deconstruction.

If you are interested in a type of green building which will ensure protection against manmade electromagnetic fields, here are some helpful things to know:

- Make property assessment before you decide to buy it. Establish how much of EMFs are present: proximity of power transmission lines, cell phone towers, utility substations and similar. It would be ideal if your home is at least half a mile away from any of the above mentioned radiation sources. You can hire a professional to make necessary measurements and evaluations, or you can determine electromagnetic radiation levels yourself by using simple and reliable EMF detectors.

- Take into consideration EMF pollution also comes from wireless broadband internet service from the neighborhood or buried electrical distribution lines etc. It is recommended that readings of magnetic field should not exceed 0.2 mG (20nT) and emissions of digital communication should not be higher than 10 µW/m2 at 10 feet above site elevation.

- Strong radiation sources that remain stationary (cannot be moved around the house) such as entry points of cable TV and phone, electrical meter, cable TV and phone sheeting, main electrical panel and subpanel and their supply cables, should be installed at least 10 ft away from bedroom or other high use room.

- Make sure that internal wiring configuration does not accumulate next to your sleeping area. Rearrange the wiring in a way to keep the walls next to your bed as cable-free as possible from both sides.  

- High to low voltage transformers should not be located below bedrooms.

Through the last century, we have created living environment entirely different than ever before. Odorless, invisible and silent health threats have accumulated so much, it has increased awareness of our hazardous way of living and more and more people are starting to understand potential health dangers from being exposed to EMF pollution. Anyone who suffers from electrical hypersensitivity or is just simply precautious should look into ways on how to decrease radiation exposure. Our line EMF protection products for home and office can additionally decrease and shield against EMF pollution inside the space where you spend most of your time

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