EMF radiation effects - subject of amazing school experiment

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Five girls, all attending the ninth grade of Hjallerup School (North Jutland – Denmark), had experienced frequent inability to concentrate in school and have talked about it to each other. They decided to make a test on effects of EMF radiation exposure for their biology project, using simple and available resources their school had. They took twelve same sized trays with the same garden cress seeds, and placed them in two different rooms with same temperatures. Six trays were placed in radiation free room, and other six trays were placed in other room, in between two internet routers. Trays from both rooms have had the same amount of sunlight and were given the same amount of water during twelve days. The end result turned out to be very interesting; garden cress seeds from EMF radiation free room sprouted green healthy plants, while the seeds placed next to routers (electromagnetic field) didn’t germinate at all. Some of the seed has even rotted.

The girls had made appropriate school report about their experiment, but have also decided to share this report on their Facebook pages. In just couple of days, it was shared around 20 000 times and caught attention of media and scientific community. The scientists from England, Holland and Sweden have shown interest in this story. Professor Olle Johansson from Karolinska Institute (Stockholm) was very intrigued by what happened with cress seeds exposed to EMF radiation and he will soon repeat experiment in proper laboratory conditions where biological effects can be properly measured and documented. Professor Marie-Clair Cammaert from Universite Libre de Bruxelles, will also participate in this research.

Both professors stated that girls are brilliant for finding the alternative on how to test EMF radiation without any serious testing equipment and have expressed a hope, since they obviously have a natural aptitude for science, the girls will eventually choose to follow science as their future carriers. When asked to comment on their biology project, girls said they have suspectedradiation exposure might have something to do with their inability to concentrate but that they are truly surprised on how much influence a close proximity of EMF radiation source had on cress seeds.

Although this is a school project and cannot be credible in terms of real scientific proofs, it ignited some serious scientific studies that are about to happen, which will hopefully bring more insight into mechanisms EMF influences living matter and DNA.

Since 2011 EMF radiation has been classified by World Health Organization as possible carcinogen. It has been associated with many serious illnesses and health problems. New studies confirm the connection between DNA damage and these waves definitely exists. Scientists recommend caution when it comes to prolonged exposure to EMFs. If you are living and working in environment polluted with high levels of electromagnetic waves, EMF protection products for home and office can help reducing unhealthy EMFs by transforming them into Schumann resonance waves, a natural Earth electromagnetic field, safe for human health

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