Cell Phone Radiation does cause DNA damage

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Cell phone radiation damages DNA, inflicts cellular damage and creates a broad spectrum of health problems and diseases, including DNA mutation and cancer in humans. A group of scientist published this in a scientific journal “Oxidants and Anti oxidants in Medical Science” in March 2014, in a study called “Low intensity radiofrequency radiation: a new oxidant for living cells”.

cell phone radiation can damage DNA

Cell phone radiation is a health danger

Although EMF awareness is rapidly growing, general public opinion on this subject is that micro-waves are not strong enough to cause damage in human cells. It is said that energy of a microwave photon should be about million times greater to destroy bonds in DNA.

However, as many times before with other various agents that turned out to be dangerous for us, new studies bring new evidence and better understanding what are we dealing with.

As it turns out, cell phone radiation can very much affect our DNA; we thought changes in cellular biochemistry come only when EMF's overheats our cells, but now we’ve confirmed that it’s destroying our health non-thermally as well, causing more serious problems than we’ve ever imagined.

This study is a review of 80 various studies about biological effects caused by low-frequency waves (or microwaves, i.e. from cellphones, wireless phones, smart meters, cell-phone towers or WiFi) and mechanisms in which energy from these waves invokes cascading processes leading to broken bonds and irreparable damage inside DNA.

76 studies (or 92.5%) proved that cell phone radiation inflicts cellular damage. Cell phone radiation affects production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS); these are molecules that form in our bodies as byproduct during normal metabolism of oxygen. Healthy human body has balanced, non health-threatening amounts of ROS. However, microwaves cause overproduction of ROS and dramatically increase oxidative stress – body’s inability to detoxify itself and repair the damage. Too much of ROS damages lipids, proteins and DNA in cells, and disrupts all kinds of natural cellular interacting signals, resulting in wide spectrum of diseases such as:

  • cancer (plus it additionally promotes cancer’s invasiveness and metastasis)
  • Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
  • autism
  • hereditary intellectual disabilities (Fragile X Syndrome)
  • atherosclerotic and myocardial problems
  • mutations of normal blood cells shape (Sickle Cell Disease)
  • skin abnormalities (Vitiligo and Lichen planus)

Cell phone radiation regulation must change

Public Health regulation must adapt regarding new findings on harmful EMF radiation, but it might take some time. Most important changes are in our own personal attitude toward our favorite gadgets; we are used of thinking mobile phones, laptops and tablets with WiFi are safe, but now we know they are not.  We can and will continue using them, but we must learn to use technology the safe way.

Just by introducing few simple EMF protection measures and tips, you will absorb significantly less of artificial electromagnetic energy.

It’s important to be cautious; technology does make our lives easier and happier, but let’s make sure it doesn’t make us unhealthier.

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