Cell phone radiation, what would it be like if it was visible?

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What would our environment look like if radiation from cell phone towers was visible? What would you see and how would the world look like?

Our human nature is such that we mostly have to see something, smell it, and feel it on our skin in order to perceive it’s there. Since it’s invisible, we don’t think about cell phone radiation being everywhere around us and we don’t keep in mind its harmful influence on our health.

But would your attitude towards hazardous environment we live in change, if you could see with your own eyes the extent of electromagnetic pollution that surrounds you?

An artist collects technical data and creates accurate illustrations of cell phone towers radiation

Artists Nickolay Lamm decided to collect accurate technical data on electromagnetic waves emitted from cell phone towers in Chicago, Washington, Hollywood Hills and New York. He worked with Danilo Erricolo (University of Illinois, Chicago) and Fran Harackiewicz (Southern Illinois University in Carbondale) – professors of electrical and computer engineering, to get the right information on strength and coverage of above mentioned places with cell-phone signals.

The cooperation between two professors and an artist resulted with series of images, colorfully illustrating EMF radiation constantly emitted from dense network of cell phone towers.

Scary amounts of EMFs eradiating us constantly, day and night

Illustration of Chicago mobile base station grid if it was visible

This image illustrates grid of mobile base-stations in Chicago. Each hexagon represents one cell, and the big one in the right corner is antenna emitting such a strong signal that it extends to huge part of Lake Michigan.

cell phone radiation illustration: Single cell phone tower antenna in washington

The illustration of Department of Commerce headquarter building in Washington shows more closely the three directions in which EMF radiation spreads from single cell phone tower antenna. It has been colored in three different colors, to illustrate different frequencies of waves which are necessary in order to provide users with interference-free phone calls.

Illustration of cell phone tower radiation in New York

New York’s dense grid of cell phone bases placed on top of high buildings providing network signal for the city. Finding a place in this picture that isn’t covered with EMFs from New York’s cellular network is not easy.

Illustration: how cell phone tower radiation spreads on hollywood hills

Super-strong long-distance cell phone tower on Hollywood Hills.


Electromagnetic emissions from cell phone based technologies are not the only ones polluting our living space

If you are amazed with intensity of EM waves we live in, remember - these colorful pictures represent only EM fields from mobile network signals. Lamm has also made a series of pictures called “The world of visible WiFi” illustrating what WiFi would look like if we could see it.

Your daily electromagnetic exposure includes EM emissions from phone signals, WiFi, but also from any electrically powered device, including microwave, kitchen and bathroom appliances, smart meters, power lines etc

If all that electrosmog was visible, would you think that EMF protection products are luxury or necessity?

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