Canada introduces its first radiation protection law: Bill C-648

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On the 19th of January 2015, Terence Young, a Conservative Member of Parliament announced new bill about radiation protection in Canada. This multi-party supported bill will require warning labels on all microwave emitting wireless devices, like cell phones, tablets, laptops, WiFi routers and even baby monitors.

Radiation protection act – making it transparent that EMFs are equally dangerous as lead and DDT

Electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices, after numerous studies indicating close connection between electro-magnetic emissions and cancer (and other serious illnesses), has been classified as “possible carcinogen” in 2011 by World Health Organization (WHO) and placed into group of toxins called class B – same as exhaust fumes, lead and DDT.

Radiation protection bill C-648, named An Act respecting the prevention of potential health risks from radio frequency electromagnetic radiation should make it mandatory to  label microwave emitting devices with safety warnings.

This radiation protection bill is not partisan, but one that affects every party

Mr. Young is known for his success in endorsing a bill which required all pharmaceuticals to be labeled with clearer warnings. After his 15 year old daughter Vanessa died from heart attack after using certain medications that weren’t properly labeled, Mr. Young started fighting to create a bill on more stringent medication-monitoring system in Canada which would protect consumers from unsafe drugs and reduce adverse drug reactions. The bill passed and it was named Vanessa’s Law.

On the new radiation protection bill, Mr. Young says that “Canadians have the right to know that wireless radiation is on the same cancer-warning list as DDT and car exhaust.”

Some manufacturers of wireless technology are already printing warning labels on their product (Apple, Motorola, and Blackberry); however, those warnings are not easy to spot. They are usually printed inside manual booklet that not all people read all the way through. The new radiation protection Act will make sure that EMF radiation warnings are printed in visible places everyone can see, like right on the packaging of the device.

Young also states that this is not a partisan bill, because it affects members of all parties. Members of Parliament from all parties get a lot of encouragement from their constituents not to make a great twenty first century communication the cause of the great twenty first century health crisis. It’s time to let people know they should approach and handle wireless technology with caution.

If C-648 passes, wireless devices will be labeled with warnings same as alcohol and tobacco

If Act respecting the potential health risks from radio frequency electromagnetic radiation passes Canadian Parliament, the government might require manufacturers to label wireless operating devices with warning labels much like the ones on alcohol and tobacco.

Companies that would fail to label their products in accordance with new law would be subjects of hundred thousands of dollars fine per day

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