Digital Detox, How to cure your child’s technology addiction

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What should you do if your child suffers from technology addiction? How do you help your kid to overcome addiction to internet, cell phones, games, tablets?

If your child is overly exposed to internet, games and electronic gadgets, there is a good chance that this misuse will result in severe physical and behavioral consequences. Too much EMF radiation from electronic devices can also lead to DNA damage, cancer, sleep disorders, low success in school etc.

With such dangerous consequences it’s not strange that many parents are concerned their children spend way too much time in front of screens. What they often don’t know is how to treat technology addiction and what is the best way to help their child to find the right balance between healthy and abnormal use of technology.

How to help your child get over technology addiction

If you recognize signs of technology addiction in children, here’s what you can do to help them through “Digital Detox”.

Digital Detox – Technology Addiction Treatment

  • Trust your instincts and don’t hesitate to react. You know your child and if something feels wrong, it probably is. Technology addiction will make kids lie, be deceitful and secretive about how much time they spend online. Take time to check their online behavior for yourself, rather than go along with their games. Don’t silence that inner voice inside you telling you “This is simply wrong and it calls for action to get it under control!”
  • You can’t expect kids to behave well if you’re not setting a good example. Kids learn more by observing your behavior than listening to your words. Make a rule of keeping phones on silent during mealtimes, while having conversations with your family, or establish cyber-free weekends. No exceptions. This way you’re sending a strong message that being connected to your family comes first, everything else can wait and is of less importance.
  • Establish a maximum time your kids are allowed to spend with their electronic device. Restricting the time kids spend with their cell phones, smart phones, laptops or other electronic devices is crucial in fight against technology addiction and prevention of further continuation of unhealthy dependence. Pediatricians from American Academy of Pediatric recommend no more than 2 hours of screen time for kids daily. Talk to your child and whether he/she understands it or not, be very transparent on reasons why you’re limiting their online time. Make sure they know you’re not doing it out of malevolence, but because you love and adore them, want them to be healthy, not end up in hospital, be successful in school, get a lot of loving and caring friends etc. This is important: consistency is everything.  If you become lenient and start making exceptions, you’ll do way more harm than good. Being consistent in sticking to rules secures your kids with feelings they can trust in you and follow you safely.
  • Guide them to focus on “real world” fun activities. Occupy their minds with challenging outdoor games or sports, encourage playtime with friends they like, travel to experience new people and cultures, take them to funny theater show or great music concert, get them interested in beauties of real world.
  • Good sleep means no technology in bedrooms. Child’s ability to think, verbalize, memorize, understand and learn depends on how much sleep they get at night. Make sure they get an activity-fulfilling day, so they can get a good night sleep and keep smartphones, laptops, iPads and other gadgets that spark technology addiction outside of their bedrooms.

Do your best to make them feel and know you are not the enemy

Yes, without doubt, your kids will viciously protest your interference with their unhealthy love for technology, but have patience, be loving, caring and consistent. It’s important to make them know and feel how much you love them and to maintain close emotional connection, especially when they seem to want it the least

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