Electrical hypersensitivity

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Electrical sensitivity (ES), also known as electromagnetic, radio or microwave sensitivity is another recently defined environmentally triggered illness. It is defined as health condition where health problems are manifested even during low exposures to electromagnetic radiation. People who suffer from this illness manifest various symptoms, and most common are: skin irritations (rash, itching, burning or tingling), low concentration or memory abilities, chronic fatigue and lack of energy, headaches, sleep disorders, chest pain or heart problems. Other less reported symptoms include feeling of pressure in ears, ear pain or "ringing" in ears, panic attacks, seizures, sensation of the whole body tremors, dizziness, nausea and even muscle paralysis.

People with impaired immune system are at higher risk from developing ES. Studies have also shown that people who are already suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) are more likely to develop electrical sensitivity as well.

It is of great importance to make correct diagnosis in cases of ES. Many patients who suffer from ES get medications based on false diagnosis (unrecognized ES) and even while medicated still suffer the symptoms since they do not reduce radiation exposure to EMFs - a main cause of their illness. Sometimes medical procedures required for making correct diagnosis are especially troublesome for ES patients. The doctor's office and hospitals are full of computers, fluorescent lights and other medical equipment that are EMF and ultrasound sources, and sometimes diagnosing an ES patient needs certain adjustments to reduce radiation (isolated areas with reduced levels of EMFs or scheduling doctor's appointment in such timing when other electronic medical equipment in his office can be turned off).

Once ES is recognized and it is clear that EMF exposure causes patient's symptoms, some changes in lifestyle must be made. The best way to reduce illness manifestation is to reduce radiation exposure as much as possible. The patients are advised to reorganize their lives in a way to live and work under conditions where they will not be exposed to EMF radiation. In today's day and age, reducing radiation exposure is not an easy thing to do. Even our homes are overwhelmed with electrical devices and appliances that are hard to live without, and situation becomes more difficult when it comes to work.

At home, EMF sources can be organized in special areas where patient can spend time only for a little while and then leave to part of home with reduced radiation. Exposures to EMFs should be short and only when necessary. Also, there are various products that will reduce radiation or shield from EMF radiation during the time of exposure. EMF meters can be very helpful in defining levels of EMF radiation at any moment or place. Depending on how severe the symptoms are, sometimes it's possible to make similar changes at work too; however, if the work requires constant exposure to EMFs and patient manifests serious health problems, changing a career is sometimes the only solution in order to reduce radiation exposure.  

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