EMF Protection Measures and Tips

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No doubt, living in the Age of Technology has many advantages, but has it’s negative sides to.  With every new day, we surround ourselves with more and more electronic devices that help us lead easier and more comfortable life. Yet, each and every electrical device has it's own EMF field, and there are evidence pointing these man made EMFs could be potentially dangerous to human health. The World Health Organization has classified cellphone radiation as “possible carcinogenic”, and many studies show EMF pollution could be especially harmful for children, pregnant women, elderly and patients with compromised immune system due to some serious illnesses.

It is almost impossible to block all EMF radiation we are exposed to, but there are certain things anyone of us can do to significantly decrease amount of radiation our bodies will absorb.

How To Minimize Cell Phone Radiation?

Here are some measures to help you protect you and your family from EMF radiation:

      - Keep the cellphones away from your bodies. Whenever possible, use headsets while using cellphone in order to avoid keeping cellphone next to your skull. Do not carry cellphone in your pockets and next to your body. Find a place to keep your celphones away from your sleeping area.

      - Reduce the use of cell phone calls. Use corded phones whenever possible.

      - Text instead making a phone call. Cell phones emit less radiation while texting.

      - Avoid wireless internet connection. Chose cables rather than wireless to set up intenet connection.

      - Avoid using cellphones in areas of poor signal coverage (elevators, basements, etc.). Cellphones emit more radiation while trying to set up a call during low network signal.

      - Children should not be allowed to use cellphones. Children’s bodies are not developed enough to provide enough resistance to EMF radiation when compared with the body of an adult, so from the same EMF source, children’s body will absorb significantly higher dosage of radiation than a body of an adult. Pay special attention to keeping cellphones away from children’s play and sleeping area.

      - Always read the manual. Most cellphone’s manuals contain information on minimal distance between that certain cellphone model and our body. Most manuals will also contain SAR levels for that specific cellphone model.

      - Use certified and tested EMF protection products. These products can be for your personal use Emf protection, or for your home or office Emf protection. It will additionally help you in reducing levels of radiation you are exposed on daily base. 

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