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Being able to sleep healthy and regularly is one of main factors of maintaining good health. EMF protection against electro-magnetic pollution in your bedroom is extremely important; while you are under influence of various stressful situations, agents and EM sources during the day, during night you must enable your body to regenerate and recover to its own state of natural balance.

Why it’s so important to keep your bedroom clean from any electromagnetic field?

Human body is wondrous and magnificent machine. While you are asleep - your whole body, your cells and your immune system are rejuvenating and repairing any damage suffered during the day. Numerous studies (some dating back as early as 1993) found that EMF radiation decreases levels of melatonin, a hormone which is very powerful antioxidant that protects our nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, and is necessary for being able to have a healthy sleep.

It is noted that electro-magnetic waves decrease natural ability of human body to recuperate its unhealthy cells. Since it also interferes with our immune system and slows down recovery from diseases, you realize that EMF protection and maintaining electro magnetic free environment is absolutely imperative as a smart precaution step in staying away from serious diseases connected with EM pollution (such as Alzheimer’s, heart problems, allergies, high blood pressure, migraines, birth defects and DNA mutations in fetuses, infertility and all kinds of cancers).

Protection from EMFs – how can I make my bedroom radiation free?

- Keep cellphones and cordless phones outside the bedroom. Even while in stand-by mode, mobiles emit certain amount of EMFs (by sending regular back and forth signals to nearest cellphone tower). Keeping them away from your sleeping area is a simple and very effective EMF protection step which will decrease significantly overall level of radiation you are exposed to in the long run.

Use alarm clocks powered with batteries, instead of using cells as morning alarms. Relocate unnecessary electronic devices. Do you really need all those gadgets around you, in place where you should have a good rest and sleep? Choose only essentials, if you really feel you have to (i.e. TV, stereo, lampshade) and remove all other electronic clutter. Keep in mind that anything you do keep inside the bedroom should be at least 6 ft away from your bed. This means cables too. Avoid electric blankets. Pay special attention to charging devices; these emit surprisingly high EM field and there’s no reason why you should keep them inside bedroom at all. Once you just take a little time to raise your EMF protection awareness and look around the room, you will be amazed with just how much unnecessary devices (electromagnetic sources) are usually kept dangerously close to our beds, where we shouldn’t be under any unhealthy influence, since we all spend significant part of our life there. Long term exposures are the worst, most dangerous and with most serious consequences; luckily, EMF protection procedures and products we are discussing here can easily make a great positive difference in this area.

- Don’t place your bed next to fuse box wall. Remember that electromagnetic fields go through walls, so if you don’t see EMF source it doesn’t mean waves aren’t around you. If your bedroom shares a wall where fuse box is installed, keep the safe 6 ft distance rule and place your bed away from it.

- Unplug it. It’s a simple EMF protection step with great impact on your wellbeing (as well as your electric bills). You don’t need that lamp while you’re asleep, or a TV, or a radio? Unplug everything from walls before you go to sleep. It’s not that hard to get used to this simple habit; just remember how beneficial it is for your health on the long run, it’s free, and it even saves you money to spend on something you really want and need!

- Get rid of Wi-Fi routers. There’s not much worse things you can do for your health than to keep Wi-Fi router close to your bed. Wi-Fi technology is one of the most dangerous sources of unhealthy radiation, and exposing yourself to it regularly for so many hours during sleep, from day to day, from year to year – moves you at the front of the line of developing serious health problems.

- Protection products. Get informed about EMF Protection products designed to shield from unhealthy electro-magnetic fields or transform them into Earth’s natural magnetic field spectrum. Some of them you can find in our home and office, personal or cell phone category.

Staying aware – free and simple way to protect yourself and enjoy healthy life

Thinking about electromagnetic pollution everywhere around us, in today’s world of technology, can make us burst into panic and rather choose to deny all the danger by saying “Well it is what it is – it can’t be avoided anyway”. This is simply not true.

There’s no reason to get scared; EM waves are everywhere since we live in time where normal life couldn’t be possible without electricity, however, the most part of EMF radiation can be avoided and decreased to levels which cannot harm our health. We just have to be aware that things that make our life so comfortable today can also make us seriously ill if we refuse to learn how to deal with their negative sides and protect ourselves by taking action.

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