EMF Protection - Surprising Radiation Sources Revealed

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Electromagnetic radiation awareness and reasons for EMF protection are topics which are still discussed very little or not at all. This issue is still something not yet accepted as a serious health hazard. Becoming aware that electronics can harm us is still in the early stages.

Although we all know each device that uses electric current emits electromagnetic field, we usually think of words like “cancer” or “danger” only when it comes to cellphones, cell phone towers, smart meters,
Wi-Fi or power lines. But you may be surprised with other strong electro-magnetic radiation sources you probably never thought about. These ‘not-so-well-known’ sources of EMFs are adding significantly to your daily portion of unhealthy and unnatural EM waves.

5 electromagnetic radiation sources you are
probably not aware of

1. Airports, airplanes and flying. Monitors, communication equipment, metal detectors and scanners, radars, airplane’s jet engine, heavy electrical wiring, a lot of static electricity generated in fuselage etc - these are all strong sources of EM field. Inside the airplanes, the highest radiation is near floors and walls. Now, this may not be such an issue for people who rarely take commercial flights (i.e. once a year) but for others who travel often and people who work in airline industry, it definitely represents a health hazard.

In April, 2010 Scientists from University of San Francisco have even sent Letter of Concern to White House Office for Science and Technology, stating that frequent exposure to scanners and other airport imaging equipment is a serious health hazard. According to random measurements, the flight itself can create 1000 times higher EM waves than the one emitted from airport scanner. Studies also show that stewardesses are at higher risk from developing breast cancer due to frequent exposure to electromagnetic waves. When experts estimate that one average 3,5 hour flight can give you more radiation than chest X-ray, some form of EMF protection comes in very handy.

2. Big screen TVs. They expose us to small portions of ionizing radiation and are generally thought to be safe. However, statistics on time people spend each day watching television are alarming; an average Canadian watches TV 30 hours per week.

3. Medical equipment. If you are a medical worker, or you spend a lot of time near various examining machines, scanners, monitors or dental equipment, you are surely absorbing more dangerous rays than it’s natural and safe for your health and you should consider some form of personal EMF protection.

4. Smoke detectors. Many have ionization chamber which contains radioactive element creating constant ion current. Although smoke detectors are in use for a long time, exposing us to radiation both at work and at home, there haven’t been many studies on impact of such long term exposure on human health.

5. Packaged food. Food irradiation is now a common way of food preservation. Army food can contain especially large amounts of radiation because it’s important it doesn’t get spoiled out in harsh fields’ conditions where it’s being distributed.

Radiation adds up – let’s avoid the one that we can!

As you can see, we are being bombarded with EMF’s from all kinds of sources.

Many who are against EMF protection calling it unnecessary, argue that most of man-made EM sources are safe for human health. They usually are; levels they emit often really do fall into safety limits. However, they fail to mention that electro-magnetic waves combined can create even stronger electromagnetic fields: when two magnetic fields cross, they can create one a lot stronger uniformed field.

Not one person today owns or uses only one electronic device at home or work. Take a closer look inside your home or office and you will realize why EMF protection and prevention of unnecessary exposure are so important – your room walls, ceilings and floors (complete space around you) is probably covered with cables, wires and devices. Each one of these creates artificial EMF environment, especially if you live (or work) in a building with other people’s electro-magnetic pollution around you as well. This is a hazard we humans meet for the first time in our existence and our bodies have not evolved resistance against this. That’s why it’s important to practice at least some of EMF protection measures or use specialized EMF protection products that can help us in restoring and keeping our natural bio-electromagnetic fields.

It’s important to be aware of this, because main features of EM fields (concerning our health) are that they are accumulative and become more toxic as exposure is longer (year after year). Good thing is that danger from this long term exposure can be easily neutralized in most of the cases by adopting few simple changes in our daily routines and habits (discussed in some of our older blog posts) or by using some of the EMF protection products already available

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