Cell phone radiation protection and safe cell phone use

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Cell phone radiation protection – do I really need it? Why do I need EMF protection products? Am I safe from electromagnetic fields if I use shielding device? What are important things I have to know about them and where do I even start?

As cell phone radiation protection awareness grows, so does the vast choice of products that guarantee to protect you against negative effects of radiation from cell phones, laptops, tablets, smart meters, WiFi routers, etc. So much information can be overwhelming and may provoke the opposite reaction – many of us will give up on the whole ‘protection’ thing and choose to believe their favorite gadget can’t be that dangerous anyway.

'Drive Safely' analogy

Think about this: no one is denying that driving is dangerous. Driving is necessity and you probably won’t be advised to stop driving altogether, although people die every day in car accidents. However, you will be constantly advised to drive safely. We prevent car accidents not by avoiding to drive – but with driving safely.

It’s similar with cell phone radiation protection; in today’s world, it’s impossible to live life free from electromagnetic pollution. But you need to know how to use technology the safe way. Choosing to practice protection against cell phone radiation, which, has been categorized as possible carcinogen by World Health Organization, can, in few years mean difference between health and illness

Safe use of mobile phones - basics and guidelines

Electromagnetic pollution’s extent is so large that any tip, trick or device which can help reduce it and protect us from its negative health effects shouldn’t be dismissed.

You should follow simple things such as:

  • keep phone-calls short
  • keep distance from the device (using headphones)
  • keeping it away from sleeping area
  • texting rather than calling
  • avoid to make calls while signal is weak
  • avoid to make calls in closed spaces (cars, basements, elevators)

All the above can really make a difference in terms of how much EMFs you absorb from day to day. Small changes in our habits (i.e. keeping phones away from beds at night) will reduce one part of EM waves, additional shielding or protection products will help in reducing even more of them. There are situations when we can’t practice basic safety guidelines; then protection products can take over and do the job. I.e, you may not be always around to remind your teenage children they should keep their calls short, but you can decrease the level of radiation they are exposed to significantly by sticking a shielding product onto their mobiles.

Things you have to know

Always make sure the product is tested and certified. Serious cell phone radiation protection suppliers will always offer transparency, have links with certifications and measuring of EMF field with and without the use of product. Whether it’s a plate, shielding case or a sticker, the protecting device should be simple to use, suitable for your lifestyle, easy to carry and with affordable price. If you have some questions, and you need clarification, don’t be afraid to ask your vendor.

Radiation from cell phones is not a myth

More and more studies connect cellular devices with damaged DNA and cancer. Dangers of cell phone radiation are real; man-made EMF pollution is relatively new health hazard humanity is faced with and we are in a process of realizing the fact that comfort which technology created, if we are not careful, can make us sick. Take a little time and just a little patience to get informed about ways to enjoy modern technology and remain safe. Your body, which suffers all the negative effects of electro-magnetic waves although they are invisible, will be thankful for that.

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