EMF Protection, 5 reasons why you should start using it

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What is EMF protection? EMF protection stands for any practice or product (device) that will block, shield or reduce incoming or outgoing emission of electromagnetic fields. For the most part, EMF protection is used in a context of blocking man-made EM waves from cell phones, WiFi, smart meters, cell phone tower installations, power lines, kitchen appliances, medical or office equipment – basically any electrically powered device.

As the era of technology keeps growing and developing, we are at the same time undoubtedly beginning to realize some of the negative consequences of modern lifestyle and everyday use of electronic gadgets.

Although invisible and odorless, electromagnetic waves are all around us. It is not something to be afraid of or misunderstood, but it is very much something to be aware of.

EMF protection is nothing else but a growing knowledge on how to live safe and healthy life, enjoying the best that modern age has to offer but reducing or avoiding its negative sides. Or, in other words, protective products, measures and steps that will keep us safe and less worried about negative effects of electromagnetic waves.

Why do I need to start using EMF protection?

As the evidence on harmful consequences EMFs have on human health grows, so does the awareness of need for EMF protection too.

Here are 5 key reasons why we think it is necessary to use protection against electromagnetic pollution of today:

  1. EMFs can make us ill. Research show they can cause cancer, infertility, ADHD, sleep disorders, skin conditions, cardiovascular problems and many more health problems (kids, pregnant women and patients recovering from illnesses are especially vulnerable to it).
  2. EMF Protection can mean difference between health and illness. You can’t avoid electromagnetic waves because they are all around you, but you can significantly decrease amounts you are going to absorb. In the long run, those lowered levels may keep your immune system strong enough to fight off diseases and stay healthy.
  3. Electrosmog is not leaving anywhere anytime soon. Technology is finding ways into every segment of our lives; from finding parking space to Bluetooth baby-pacifiers that record infant’s temperature, or sheep wearing WiFi collars so that countryside gets covered with Internet. Technology is here to stay, but we mustn’t live in ignorance and have to adapt accordingly by practicing the new knowledge we gain and protect ourselves from harmful effects of EMF radiation.
  4. EMF protection will make your life simpler and more carefree. Our lives are stressful enough without having to argue with your child to hold that Iphone or Ipad further from his body, or without thinking how much EM waves did you absorb today inside your home, outside, on your workplace etc. Get informed; there are many reliable shielding products whether for personal or home/office use that will block electro-magnetic emissions so you can enjoy technology and stop worrying.
  5. Awareness and education will push aside panic and paranoia. Once you can see for yourself and measure results of your EMF protection (lowered levels of emissions) you will not only become less prone to panic over the unknown, but you can also share your knowledge and experience with others and help spread the positive attitude that sometimes serious problems have simplest solutions


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