WiFi radiation banned in France from daycares

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Step in the right direction

After two long years of struggling and debating, France has finally adopted a law which limits the spread of WiFi radiation and establishes basic rules of precautionary principle related to health risks from radio frequency waves.

"An Act on Sobriety, Transparency, Information and Consultation for Exposure to Electromagnetic Waves"

The bill was first brought to Members of National Assembly (MNAs) by Laurence Abeille (member of Europe Ecology Greens party) in January of 2013. It took two years to reach a compromise between supporters or stricter regulations and those opposed to any legal limitations of wireless sector.

The bill has changed forms several times, went through many delays and was finally adopted on January 29th 2015.

Green party members have stated that this law does not successfully address all necessary issues when it comes to potential health hazards of WiFi radiation, but it’s a good start and important first step in the right direction – lowering the levels and daily exposure to electromagnetic pollution.

75 000 Euros of fine if cell phone advertisement fails to mention recommended use of EMF protection products

In times when Wi-Fi technology is allowed to spread uncontrollably and freely, while at the same time we have limited research evidence on its long term impact on human health and while International Agency for Research and Cancer (IARC) has classified WiFi radiation as possible carcinogen - it is wise and necessary to regulate this sector as soon as possible.

The French are leading the way with this new law which regulates the following:

  • Levels of WiFi radiation on hotspots. Each year there will be a national census of “places where the level of public exposure substantially succeeds that generally observed at the national scale”. The National Frequency Agency (AFNR) in this moment considers a hotspot to be atypical if the levels of radiation exceed 6 V/m (9.5 µW/cm2). It is not uncommon that WiFi radiation on hotspot peaks above 10 V/m. According to the new law, if there is an update on safe levels of WiFi radiation from hotspots, previous levels will have to be adapted accordingly by network operators within six months.
  • Bans WiFi from nurseries and daycare centers. No wireless devices are allowed in spaces where children under 3 yrs spend their time. Wireless technology remains allowed in elementary schools but it’s reduced only to a purpose of “digital educational activities”. Otherwise, wireless access to internet must be disabled.
  • Building new EMF spreading installation (antennas, towers etc). Any such installation will first have to be approved by local government, also must submit necessary documentation about EM fields it will create and emit. This information will have to be available to the public.
  • Cell phone advertisements must recommend the use of EMF protection. Any such advertisement must clearly mention it is recommended to use some accessory product that will reduce exposure of the head to EM waves from mobile device. Any company that fails to state that use of some form of EMF protection is recommended will be fined with 75 000 Euros.
  • If you’re in cell phone selling business you also have to be supplied with EMF protection products for kids. Anyone who sells mobile devices, also has to be able to offer (if someone should request it) some kind of EMF shielding devices, especially designed to reduce head exposure to EMFs for kids under 14.

Bold move of French government should serve us as good example to follow their foot steps

The main section (section A) of this law addresses the concerns regarding influence of WiFi radiation on children and possible long term health consequences. French government has set a great example in how to regulate and deal with ever-growing electromagnetic pollution in modern society and how to protect children of today and tomorrow from unhealthy EM fields.

In 2002, safe EMF exposure limits in France were 61 V/m (same as they are in USA today). Since then, France has updated their safety standards to 6 V/m (10 times lower). Let’s hope that other governments around the world will soon follow their good example

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