Smartphone Radiation and Sleep Disorders

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Smartphone radiation, invisible odorless hazard from our favorite gadgets, can be the reason why you can’t get some healthy sleep at night. Electromagnetic emissions from cell phones have already been linked to insomnia numerous times, but the newest study made by World Health Organization (WHO) and Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare suggests that sleeping disorders in teenagers are peaking and that smartphones are to blame.

Just how do smartphones affect our sleep?

We all love them and need them, but if we don’t use them with some form of cell phone EMF protection, our phones will affect our natural ability to sleep in at least two ways.

First thing we would like to point out is that radiation emissions from smartphones are far greater than from regular older cell phone models, even though you can often hear that the newer the model – the less radiation it emits. This can be partially true, but only when it comes to phone signal from internal antenna. However, smartphone radiation dangers are very real. We mustn’t forget that smart mobile devices all have wireless technology, and WiFi is one of the strongest forms or unhealthy microwaves.  These waves vibrate on high rate of oscillation (50 – 60 Hz), which affects our natural brain’s electricity and prevents it from going to sleep - frequency inside our brain goes as low as 2 Hz while we’re sleeping.

Secondly, but just as important, smartphone radiation suppresses production of melatonin - vital hormone which helps strengthening your immune system, kills free radicals that can cause cancer and regulates your sleeping cycle.

Smart phones are the main reason for peaking sleep disorders in teens

Beside radiation part, phone devices are also affecting us psychologically. Bright lights from their screens, constant message notifications and other fun content keep us alert and awake, even when we are physically tired and ready for sleep.

Researcher Erkki Kronholm from Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) published an article in which he said that usage of smart phones has hit the ceiling and almost every child in Finland owns one. Today, chronic fatigue and inability to sleep is highest in last decade - almost 10% of boys and 20% of girls suffer from it. Kronholm says this problem goes hand in hand with use of phones and other mobile devices, such as portable video games, computers and electronic tablets.

Furthermore in the article Kronholm also encourages parents to educate their kids about Sleep Hygiene to help fight serious health consequences youth will certainly suffer if this trend continues to grow.

Prevent the risks of sleep deprivation in teens

Irregular sleep creates negative “chain-reaction”, especially in teens. It increases risk of depression, diabetes, being overweight and later development of cardiovascular. Kids and teenagers will absorb more smartphone radiation than adults would; their bodies are less resistant, bone structure is thinner and weaker because it’s still developing. With less sleep learning and memory capabilities are lowered so academic success of your child might be at stake if it is unable to get regular sleep.

Healthy sleep is important and necessary for every individual, young or old, and has a huge impact on overall performance, physical, mental health and efficiency of a person. With more educated approach in using smartphones, WiFi or mobile devices you would certainly have a better chance for a good night's sleep

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