Laptop Radiation and Health – The high price of comfort

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The subject of laptop radiation and health has been an ongoing debate for quite some time now. So far, various studies and experts came to various results, but they usually agree on one thing – radiation from laptop should be approached with precaution. If you, just like so many of us, use your portable PCs every day and don’t even notice how time flies by while you’re playing your favorite game, chatting with your friends or watching the last episode of your favorite series and you have the habit of placing the device on your lap – here are some information you might find interesting.

Is laptop radiation dangerous?

The main concern regarding laptops is that people usually place them where it feels most comfortable – on their laps. Unlike with cell phones, World Health Organization still hasn’t classified laptop’s emissions as possible carcinogen, but this doesn’t mean it’s safe to place them on your stomach while laying on your porch and watching a movie.

In order to understand how certain harmful agent affects human health, scientist must test a lot of people and keep doing it for years, before they can claim something is hazardous beyond any doubt. Remember - it took decades to gather long term effects of something so obviously harmful as inhaling fumes from burning tobacco. Electromagnetic waves are invisible and odorless; it doesn’t make them less harmful – just less noticeable. First symptoms of EMF related diseases appear months or years after constant exposure, at which point they are severe and difficult to treat. Majority of laptop radiation studies do connect it with development of some health problems, but precise mechanisms and complete certainty requires further testing. In the meantime, scientists advise caution.

So, what are the risks of laptop radiation?

Radiation from laptops affects human fertility. Studies show that heat from portable computer placed directly on lap affects sperm thermally (decreases sperm’s mobility and viability) and electro-magnetic waves affect it non-thermally (fragmented DNA in sperm).

Pregnant women should avoid placing portable PCs/laptops close to their bodies. Some studies suggested laptop radiation may damage fetus development and cause miscarriage, childhood leukemia and genetic/developmental disruptions.

Children are especially risky category when it comes to potential harm from portable computers, especially if using WiFi. Kids are not fully developed and their body structure absorbs more EMF than one of an adult. Mr. Bernard Lord, CEO of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunication Association estimated that an average tablet uses 121 times the bandwidth of a regular cellphone. Exposing a child to EM field this strong from an early age can disrupt natural biochemistry in child’s cells and lower the strength of immune system. In a long run this may create serious irreversible health problems, from headaches and inability to sleep or concentrate, to DNA , brain, thyroid and eyes damage.

Should I stop using my laptop for good?

No, of course not. In today’s age of technology, staying away from electromagnetic pollution is near to impossible, but it can be significantly lowered. The key is to be aware of the EMF dangers and use technology the smart way. Changing the ways you use your laptop and embracing a few helpful tips on how to protect yourself from laptop radiation can make a difference. You can be significantly less exposed, which will, in a long run, represent a difference between health and serious illness

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