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Laptop radiation protection is a topic that currently gets a lot of public attention. With a good reason too; results of many recent studies suggested regular exposure to radiation from laptops might create rather serious health problems, namely fertility in men, testicles cancer, miscarriages in women, fetus development problems, fragmentation of DNA, skin irritations, rashes etc.

Scientists are still working on demystifying dangers of electromagnetic pollution, while in the meantime, most advise caution. If you like the benefits of portable computers, these are few simple and easy tips on how to keep enjoying them the safe way.

5 Basic principles of laptop radiation protection

1. Don’t place laptop directly on your body. Strength of electro-magnetic emissions decreases with distancing from the source, so whenever possible use a table, a chair, any other surface rather than your body. This will reduce your exposure to both EMFs and heat that device emits (heat affects natural biochemistry of human cells if absorbed frequently).

2. Use EMF shielding products. You can choose from any of the specialized laptop radiation protection pads. There are many models and sizes from various manufacturers, but basically they are all designed as light pads that should be placed under the device. Special mixture of materials that they’re made works as laptop radiation protection shield and reflect EMFs (as well as the heat) away from your body. They are  thin, light and comfortable to carry and use for laptops and tablets, and they all enables you to enjoy good sides of portable computers with minimum health risks.

3. Stay aware of time spent using portable computers. If you have to use laptops for many hours, it’s good to put them aside and make short frequent pauses rather than to constantly sit in front of screen. This is especially important for pregnant women. During pregnancy, women should be extra careful not to spend hours with laptops placed close to their bodies. Studies on exposure to laptop’s EMF during pregnancy showed they emit electromagnetic fields a lot stronger than recommended restrictions considered safe for health.

4. Turn off WiFi when you’re not using it. WiFi technology is strong source of harmful electro-magnetic waves and should be disabled immediately after you’re not using it, especially at night or while you’re carrying it in a bag.

5. Supervise children when around portable computers. Laptops and tablets are not toys. It’s important to know that children are especially vulnerable to EMF radiation and thus need to be protected more than adults. Replacing WiFi with cabled internet is good way to increase laptop radiation protection in your home. Children learn more by observing your behavior than listening to your words, so try to teach them safe ways to use technology by setting a good example and practicing awareness described above.

Avoiding negative sides of portable PCs is simple, it takes no special skills and anyone can do it with just few minor adjustments in daily routines - yet it successfully reduces the risks from developing diseases and helps you lead safer, healthier and happier life

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