Microwave oven radiation – is my kitchen appliance making me ill?

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Most of modern homes today own a microwave oven They are small and fit any space, cheap and handy for fast pace of modern living.

But is microwave radiation safe for our health? Can this super device, which transforms rock-hard deeply frozen chicken into delicious meal in just a few seconds, make you seriously ill? Do electromagnetic waves stay inside it? How do they affect you or your child from day to day, while heating a cup of milk or making bowl of popcorns?

Radiation spreads outside microwave oven – myth or a fact?

A fact.

Although laws, regulations and standards for microwave ovens are very strict and way more improved than they were back in the days when first of them reached market, EMF waves can still be measured outside the device in almost any model.

Newer models are now being made in accordance with strict protocols which ensure as less as possible leakage from the device outward. However, it’s still common that with time seal around its doors weakens and some radiation leaks out. It’s also not uncommon that even new unused devices emit unhealthy levels of RF waves.

Microwave oven radiation doesn’t leak only around poorly sealed doors. Even if your appliance model has a good seal, significant amount of waves are being spread through the door’s glass up to 4 meters around it.

Electro-magnetic field doesn’t come only from magnetron (inner part which produces 2.45 GHz strong waves that bombard the food) but also from cables and motor, so EMFs are spreading outside the oven in all direction.

Can microwave oven radiation make us ill?

Yes. Even small amounts of EM emissions (4 milliGauss) have been linked to leukemia, if a person has been exposed to it for a longer period of time. A set of symptoms is called "Microwave Syndrom" and it usually takes some time to develop:

  • Insomnia and other sleep disturbances
  • Headaches
  • Weak immune system (frequent viral and bacterial infections, longer time to recover from illness)
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Cardiovascular problems (high blood p ressure, tachycardia)
  • Dermatologic problems (eczema, allergies, dermatosis)
  • Cancer (leukemia, melanoma, breast cancer etc.)

Children and pregnant women are at more risk to become ill from microwave oven radiation, since their bodies will absorb more of it in compare to average healthy adult.

Few simple safety tips that can make the difference

  1. First and most important - use micro-oven only if you really have to. Besides emitting EMFs, microwave oven drastically reduce the nutrient content and quality of your food. Organize your time more efficiently so that you can properly prepare healthy food without the use of microwave ovens.
  2. Replace your old oven. With time, ovens tend to leak. Also, newer models generally emit less radiation than those produced decades ago, because of stricter rules that regulate their production today.
  3. Place it where you don’t spend a lot of time (remember that waves will spread through walls as well).
  4. Use some kind of EMF shielding device, to block microwave oven radiation from spreading towards you. These are usually in form of easily installed front cover and they can reduce up to 60-70% of harmful emission. The product we recomend and sell is Microsafe - shielding cover. In the long run Microsafe or similar microwave covers will block significant levels of radiation your body would otherwise receive and could really mean the difference between health and sickness

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