Should wireless routers get Wi-Fi radiation warning signs?

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Even though there are still many varying opinions on what Wi-Fi radiation does to our health, abundant study results indicate that it can cause a wide range of symptoms such as headaches, high heart rate, insomnia, lack of concentration, sterility, DNA damage and cancer.

Nowadays, most homes own wireless routers, for obvious reasons; unlike cabled internet wireless technology is super-practical since it enables mobility and easy access. With ever-developing high-tech gadgets we use for work or fun, indoors or outdoors, it’s almost impossible to imagine our lives without easy access to Wi-Fi internet.

Addiction statistics we already discussed in one of our previous blog post are clearly showing growing addiction trends to this new and convenient technology. But, how dangerous is this fast spreading addiction is still a topic open to discussion.

Wireless routers everywhere - are we exposed to dangerous levels of Wi-Fi radiation?

The Suffolk County (US) Legislature certainly thinks so. In December 2014, legislators unanimously adopted resolution that information technology staff must label all locations of wireless routers with warning signs:


"Notice: Wireless technology in use."


According to them, there is enough scientific evidence that exposure to WiFi radiation is potentially dangerous for human health and that we should use this technology with caution. Since EM pollution has no smell, color and it’s invisible, Suffolk County legislators think it’s only fair that people should be warned with visible signs that they are being exposed to something that can harm them.

Legislator William Spencer explained that this bill is not about claiming that Wi-Fi radiation is dangerous, it’s simply informing citizens and raising awareness that it might be. “As far as specific issue of threat, there’s a lot of varying opinions. This bill is about taking something that’s invisible and saying it’s here.”

The costs of this new measure are negligible, yet this bill will be very productive in terms of educating people and raising awareness that we are lucky to live in era of technology but we must use it wisely and not forget to take care of our health first!

We love WiFi, but let’s love being healthy too

Wireless devices do have to satisfy strict safety standards; however, with growing use of electronic devices - electronic smog also becomes stronger and more dangerous than it was decades ago.

What most of us doesn’t think about is that we’re not exposed only to radiation from routers, but from each and every device powered by electric current – at work, outside in the open and at home. While lab tests on safe levels of electro-magnetic emissions from routers are performed in controlled environment, in real life at the end of the day total amount of EMF pollution we absorb is significantly higher than that one emitted from our WiFi device.

For more information on how to lower the level of EMFs with few easy everyday tricks and how to protect ourselves from unnecessary exposure, check our blog post: 10 ways to fight your WiFi addiction

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