Why I shouldn’t be carrying my cell phone close to my body?

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By now, you have probably heard or read that cell phones’ emissions can cause cancer. Research results are pointing in direction that cell phone should be kept as far as possible away from your body, even when you’re not making a phone call (when device is on stand-by mode).

Electromagnetic radiation affects natural biochemical balance of human cells; it overheats exposed tissue but can also break DNA bonds inside cell and cause cancer.

Through the speed of modern-day life, we easily forget that carrying mobile device in our pockets or our bras really is dangerous and we should never do it. We are in constant hurry, phone constantly rings, messages are arriving – so we keep it where it’s most convenient: at a hand’s reach, in a pants’ or shirt’s pocket, on our nightstand…

With time, we all tend to forget about the dangers of cell phones we’ve read about, tucked into comfortable denial that “it will not happen to us” and let ourselves absorb unhealthy amounts of electromagnetic waves from day to day.

Here’s a little reminder why we should never carry cell phone close to our body.

Young women developed multi-focal breast cancer in shape of cellular phones they’ve carried in their bras for years

about multifocal breast cancer in young women with prolonged contact between their breast and their mobiles phones thoroughly examined cases of four young women, age 21, 33 and 39, who developed breast cancer after carrying it for years more than 10 hours a day in their bras.

All four young women regularly carried their cells in bras, and all four developed cancer in areas of breast directly underneath the place where they had a habit of keeping their mobile devices. Pathologic test showed further striking similarities: almost identical morphology, all hormone-positive and low intermediate grades of tumors.

Most breast cancer develops in post-menopausal age. Development of breast cancer in young women with no genetic predisposition for this disease is rare. Although much more research is needed on precise link between breast cancer and EMFs, The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) had enough scientific evidence to classify radio-frequency electromagnetic waves as possible carcinogen to humans.

General rule: the most dangerous place to keep your phone is closer than six inches from phone’s antenna

This study was a potent warning that mobile devices shouldn’t be kept anywhere on your body – not in bras, not in pockets, not in bags, or hanged around the neck. Actually, the general rule is they should be distanced at least six inches away from you, preferably much more. Also, it is well advised to use some kind of accessorizing EMF protection product, which will reduce or block phone’s emissions

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