Wifi in Schools - Turn it off 4 kids Initiative

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National Association for Children and Safe Technology (NACST, USA) has taken action to turn off WIFI in schools.

As evidence from scientific studies on toxicity of wireless technology in schools and daycares are growing, so do many groups and association of parents taking action to establish legal grounds for safe learning environment for their children, safe from dangerous emissions from cell phones, smartphones, Ipads, WiFi routers, baby monitors and every other EMF emitting electronic devices.

France has recently banned WiFi technology from daycare centers and countries like Spain, Russia, India and Germany are on their way to limit Wi-Fi in schools, as well as revise safety limits for exposure of children to electromagnetic fields.

What is “Turn it off 4 kids” Initiative all about?

Turn it for kids initiative, endorsed by 20 experts, scientists, physicians and public health advocates (including Dr Anthony Miller – ex Director of Epidemiology Unit of National Cancer Institute of Canada and Dariusz Leszczynski – scientist of the WHO IARC panel regarding EMF radiation and cancer) is asking relevant organizations for the following actions:

  • School technology that is to be installed from now on must be wired, not wireless
  • Existing wifi technology in schools is to be replaced with hardwired one as soon as possible
  • Implementation of educational project on EMF protection -ways to reduce exposure to EMFs, with special focus on spreading awareness of protecting children and pregnant women
  • Raising EMF protection awareness by any means possible and spreading the knowledge on how to avoid electromagnetic emissions through public appearances, infomercials, e-mails, informational web pages etc.

Wifi technology in schools is being implemented worldwide, regardless of WHO and IARC warnings of it being a possible carcinogen

According to Olle Johannson, PhD, one of the endorsers of this Initiative, it is crucial to act right now to prevent uncontrollable spreading of  wireless technology in schools, because “not to do so would be deemed ethically and morally completely corrupt in the future, this being particularly important when it comes to our children’s environment.

Although the debate on harmful effects from exposure to electromagnetic pollution is very much ongoing, there is more than enough evidence to be reasonably cautious and take precautionary steps, exactly as scientists advise. In order to avoid health catastrophe similar to that one of tobacco use, we should react now and protect our health and health of our children, without having to wait for few decades for undoubtable research evidence on long term effects of EMF exposure

In words of Victoria Duncley, MD, “There is absolutely no reason to subject children in classrooms to WiFi when safer, wired alternatives are readily available.

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