EMF Protection Tips - Living under high voltage power lines

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EMF protection against radiation from cell phones, laptops, computers or Wi-Fi routers can be fairly simple; changing a few habits, relocating few electronic devices and keeping distance from electromagnetic sources goes a long way and keeps EMF levels under the safety limit. On the other hand EMF protection against strong outdoor sources we cannot control in any way, such as power lines takes special and more serious approach.

In video below you can see how electromagnetic field transmitted through air from high voltage transmission towers can light up fluorescent tubes placed under them.


EMF dangers from high voltage transmission towers

We understand the world through our senses; we need to touch, smell, hear or see something to understand it’s there. EMFs are invisible and odorless, so we tend not to think about their presence. Nevertheless, we are influenced by them all the time and this video shows how strong EMFs can be. If you live near transmission towers, it’s a good idea to check your health more often because if EM field can light up fluorescent light tubes placed under them imagine what it might do to your health if you’re exposed to it for decades. 

How dangerous are EMFs from power lines?

Electric power-lines, being the cheapest way of transporting electricity, have been present a lot longer than recent electro-magnetic sources such as mobiles, cell-phone towers, smart meters etc. There’s evidence from 1979 study, indicating life under high voltage cables is dangerous. Throughout the time, numerous research and firsthand experience connected exposure to strong electromagnetic field from these hazardous power transporting installations to all kinds of cancer, especially leukemia in children, brain and breast cancer, but also less deadly diseases such as insomnia, blood disorders, weak immune system and reproductive problems.

Regardless to all evidence proving that living under high-voltage installations is dangerous, power industry still keeps on installing them too close to living areas. Video below is discussing correlation between Leukemia and power lines, and how living under strong EM field can trigger or even cause a deadly disease.

Many people whose properties are under influence of these electromagnetic waves and whose lives are in danger join forces and legally fight against power companies to protect themselves and do something to change or remove these sources to safe distance.


Leukemia and power lines


EMF protection tips for people living close to power lines

Here’s what you can do, if you have electric power transmission installations nearby:

  • Measure the strength of electromagnetic field. Find out what you’re dealing with. You can do it personally with EMF meters and detectors, or you can hire a professional who will measure it for you. Recommended safety limit for living space is less than 1 milliGauss. Measuring is the only way to be sure if you are exposed to radiation; it will depend from high voltage inside the cables and you don’t know how high it is until you measure it. Some wires can be really close to your home but they might be safe because they transport low voltage. Others can be reasonably far but can create dangerously high electromagnetic readings because of amount of high voltage they transport.
  • Spread the information and get organized. If your EM readings are above safety zone, spread the word in your neighborhood and inform others about it. They might be exposed too and not even know about it. Knowledge is power and don’t underestimate benefits that come when people join together for the common good. Exchange data, ideas and support. It’s not uncommon that people succeed in collecting overwhelming evidence that power-lines have serious impact on their health, and thereby influence power distribution companies to replace electric towers with underground electric distribution systems, which emits less EMFs.
  • Research or get consultation of EMF protection products. Get informed on best ways to shield your living space. There are many options; from shielding wall colors you can paint your walls with, to EMF protection  for personal use made to offer significant protection against electromagnetic fields. You should search for any possible way to reduce EM levels as much as possible.
  • Use EMF protection steps to decrease other radiation inside the home. This will significantly lower overall absorption amount in the long run. You can adjust your living style and habits by practicing things like unplugging electronic devices while not in use, getting rid of wireless technology by replacing it with cables (they emit significantly less radiation), relocate your furniture in a way to keep safe 6 ft distance from EM sources, use shielding devices for phones, laptops and portable computers etc.

The key is to be aware. There’s no need for unnecessary panic, but denying potential danger won’t benefit you either. Be informed, keep searching for the facts and act accordingly; proper protection from EMFs may be that difference between health and disease

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