WiFi Radiation Exposed: Symptoms, Risks and Protection

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It’s hard to comprehend the amount of WiFi radiation around us since it’s invisible and we can’t hear or smell it. Yet, understanding that we are under influence of microwaves even though we can’t see them - is very important.  Each time we get exposed to wireless technology, it slightly changes natural biochemistry in our cells. Eventually, this can lead to serious irreversible health problems.

WiFi radiation and modern living

Wireless connectivity is one of the fastest spreading technologies of all time. In two decades, it became a part of almost every home, business office, shopping mall, hotel, library or church. Even if you haven’t installed wireless routers or smart meters in your own home, you will still be exposed to it many times during 24 hours – when you go to work, have a cup of coffee, when you go grocery shopping etc. It’s everywhere and it’s here to stay. It’s estimated that in the next 3 years there will be 7 billion new active wireless devices, and 24 billion by 2020. We can use it anywhere, without the need for cables, even while we’re taking a bus ride to work. Its main features are: simple to use, comfortable, accessible and super convenient. We are hungry for information and this technology is a perfect tool to satisfy that hunger anytime and anywhere. But – will Wi-Fi radiation make us sick?

Symptoms - too much exposure to Wi-Fi radiation

One of the first signs of overexposure is headache. Most people will think this is because they are tired, but it’s actually the other way around: WiFi radiation is the one making you tired and fatigued. It will further influence your ability to sleep, ability to concentrate, to remember things, it can disturb heart rhythm and immune system. With time it can also fragment DNA in sperm or embryo cells, and we know that damaged or mutated DNA often leads to one of today’s biggest concerns – cancer. Prolonged exposure to microwave radiation affects growth of cancer.

BioInitiative Report has compiled evidence from 1800 various studies, showing microwaves really do create health problems.

Risk from WiFi radiation

Too much of microwave radiation affects us both physically and psychologically. Being constantly connected to internet can create condition called Phantom Vibration Syndrome which makes you constantly check for messages cause you are under false sensation you just heard new notification; or condition called Digital Dementia – deterioration of cognitive abilities in young people caused by overload with use of technology.

With Wi-Fi, it’s more difficult to supervise how much time your kids spend online and what kind of information they are exposed to. Dr. Manfred Spitzer, neuroscientist, in his book “Digital Dementia” warns about irreversible deficits of brain development in children who are growing up overexposed to cell phones, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Confirming Dr. Spitzer’s thesis that these children tend to develop only one side of the brain while other side remains completely unused and undeveloped, teachers are noticing growing trend: children growing up influenced by too much electronic devices can swipe tablet screens, but lack manipulative skills to play with simple toys like building blocks.

Protection from Wi-Fi radiation

Wi-Fi is still relatively new concept, and we are just starting to accept the fact that beside being tremendously useful it’s also very dangerous. Fighting Internet addiction is difficult enough even without easy wireless access, but now we have to start being aware of real physical consequences and health dangers from WiFi radiation. Perhaps we cannot run from it, but we can significantly decrease it by using EMF protection products or by changing our lifestyle.

Few tips that can help in protection against WiFi radiation:

  • Switch to cabled Internet, cabled phone, and if possible, avoid installing wireless smart meters.
  • If you do have wireless router, place it somewhere you spend the least time and switch it off immediately after you finished using your computer (especially at night).
  • Limit time spent using Wi-Fi. Use it only as a tool. Learn how to this in 10 ways to fight WiFi radiation and “wireless addiction”
  • Research about available products that shield from EMF radiation. Become active on this subject, follow new information; there are many really practical and functional products out there. It’s important to start using technology more wisely and to be cautious. Start gradually, i.e. take EMF detector and see for yourself is your home, place where you sleep, cook, watch TV flooded with electromagnetic waves.

After you have estimated the situation and pinpointed potential problems you can choose products best suited for your needs and start organizing yourself to be less exposed to electro-magnetic waves

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