10 ways to fight WiFi radiation and WiFi addiction

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Being addicted to WiFi radiation probably sounds silly. You probably think it’s another made-up, panic spreading sensationalistic thing.

But have you ever skipped to book accommodation because they had no Wi-Fi? Do you choose to eat in places where you can at the same time check your mails or messages via WiFi? Do you glance at your mobile device just to check if you missed a message, even when you haven’t heard any notification sounds? Would you rather book a flight on a plane that offers Wi-Fi, if the ticket-price was the same as the one without in-flight connectivity? Do you feel lost, helpless or anxious if you know you won’t be able to connect to Wi-Fi for few days?

If you recognize yourself in some of the above, you may be a WiFi addict and at high risk from developing serious health problems caused by overexposure to WiFi radiation.

We are addicted to wireless technologies

More and more people are becoming addicted to constant internet connection. Statistics say classic cabled internet is a thing of the past; on the other hand wireless data transfer is here and it’s here to stay. Wi-Fi is a perfect tool; no matter where you go – home, to school, at work or on a vacation - you will have access to wireless connection. No need for expensive infrastructure investments bringing wires to furthest places, no annoying cables and easy maintenance; all you need is a “hotspot” – wireless network access point and the fountain of information lies at your fingertips. It’s easy to become addicted to this level of comfort and convenience, but do we ever stop to think is this technology safe for our health?

WiFi radiation is everywhere around us. Headaches, fatigue, blurred vision, DNA fragmentation and misbalanced biochemistry in our cells are just some of health problems that studies have, to this point, connected with prolonged exposure to WiFi radiation. Overexposure to WiFi radiation affects people both physically and psychologically.

How to overcome WiFi addiction?

  1. Admit you have a problem. Write down the reasons why you want to change your behavior. Internet is a great tool, but addiction to constant connectivity gives you false sense of satisfaction, while it’s slowing down your mind, ruining your social skills and jeopardizing your mental and physical health, exposing you to high levels of WiFi radiation.
  2. Limit your time. Chose time in a day when you will be online, i.e. half an hour in the morning and same in the evening. Be strong and once the time has passed, turn your gadgets off. You can do it.
  3. Turn off notification sounds or vibrations. You’ll be less disturbed this way.
  4. Focus more on real people. Think about what you’re missing while you’re consumed with surfing: have you isolated yourself from real people - your friends, family, children? Spend time with them, go on a picnic, smell the fresh air, soak in the sun and forget about technology: relax and enjoy life!
  5. Switch wireless router with cabled internet in your home. This way you’ll significantly reduce Wi-Fi radiation and make your home safer place. Bonus for parents: if you keep computers in living room, you will more successfully supervise time your kids spend online and teach them about internet safety.
  6. Stay focused. Once you get information you searched for, don’t continue to click on something else. We’ve all been there; we know availability of information is fascinating and it’s so easy to lose focus (together with track of time).
  7. Treat Internet as a tool, not as a toy. Yes, this is possible - you actually may end up surprised with how little time you’ll spend online this way.
  8. Spend time with people who aren’t addicted to technology. It will help in overcoming your bad habit of checking for messages or notifications every second.
  9. Discover other media. Get your news from newspapers, visit a library, buy a good book.
  10. Copy information you need to work with to offline document. This way you’ll be less tempted to click further on completely unnecessary links.

Fight for healthier life with determination and inner strength.

Conquering your internet addiction is always beneficial: you will be more productive, organized and feel well deserved satisfaction from real personal achievements, plus by spending less time near strong Wi-Fi radiation source, you will absorb significantly less of unhealthy artificial radiation, which can with time become difference between health and disease

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